Is PNG Gold pure?

All materials are responsibly sourced and we ensure that the Diamond, gold and silver sold at our stores are absolutely pure. – We offer gold in 18k and 22k jewellery, and pure 24k gold in the form of bullion.

What is the full form of PNG Jewellers?

Purshottam Narayan Gadgil Jewellers is an Indian jewellery company. Established in 1832 by Ganesh Gadgil, the company operated in two branches, with P. N. Gadgil & Sons in Sangli, and P. N. Gadgil & Company in Pune, until the branches’ legal separation in 2012.

What is PNG digital gold?

Digital gold facilitates the purchase of physical bullion (i.e. gold/silver) with an accumulation of gold/silver as low as ₹1 with the ease of online access. The customers can request for the delivery of gold/silver purchased anytime they want in the form of coins or bars.

Who is owner of PNG Jewellers?

P N Gadgil & Sons Ltd is headed by Ajit alias Govind Gadgil and Dr Renu Gadgil, with a professional management headed by CEO-Director Amit Modak. Modak has been working with the group since 1997 and possesses a vast experience in commodities, finance, derivative markets and especially in the jewellery business.

What is hallmark gold?

Hallmark gold is nothing but the certified gold. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) stamp a certificate of purity and fineness of gold which is called as hallmarking. Hallmarking on the gold shows that the gold used for making jewellery adheres to the international standards of purity.

Which is the flagship store of PNG Jewellers?

PNG Jewelers, a heritage jewelry legacy started in 1832, has successfully catered to the best of Indian and modern jewelry and procured a loyal clientele across national and international realms yet again strengthens its presence in United States by launching their flagship store at 791, East El Camino real, Sunnyvale.

How is the making charge of gold calculated?

Weight of gold in jewellery you purchase= 20 gram and making charge is Rs 300/gram. So, the total price of jewellery would be calculated as, Rs 3K x 20 gram + (20 gm x Rs 300) = Rs 66000 + (Rs 66K x 3%)= Rs 67980.

What is Kuber scheme?

Kuber Yojna is a kind of long-term Fixed Deposit scheme. By the way of reinvestment interest is compounded quarterly. Therefore, at the due time of maturity it generates a large sum of money. It qualifies as a safe long-term investment.

What is the global strategy adopted by PNG Jewellers for international market?

The idea is to convert existing interested standalone unbranded jewellery stores into PNG Jewellers stores under the FOFO model. PNG will invest in the makeover and the old existing jewellery at such stores will be melted and cast into new pieces.

What is tanishq monthly scheme?

Tanishq Golden Harvest account is a monthly gold savings plan where investors can pay a monthly installment of as low as as ₹2,000 or multiples of ₹1,000 for 10 months through cash at their showrooms, online through the website or Tanishq Golden Harvest mobile App.

What is Khazana gold scheme?

Gold Schemes by Khazana Jewellery The scheme helps an individual to set aside a sum of money on a monthly basis for a regular period of time just like a recurring deposit and at the end of the maturity period, they can buy the gold items of their choice.