Is Pgdfm an MBA?

Top B-Schools in India offering PGDFM are- PGDM (Finance) is considered equivalent to MBA (Masters of Business administration) in Finance; However, PGDM is offered by Autonomous or private institution whereas MBA can only be offered by Universities or Government Colleges.

Does distance MBA from NMIMS has value?

The university has got all the important approvals and a top-notch level education council. NMIMS Distance MBA is approved by UGC-DEB enabling it to deliver distance and online education. Also, it is approved by NAAC by grade A+. The university has scored 3.59 CGPA out of 4 on the NAAC scale.

Is NMIMS distance degree valid?

Distance MBA is recognized by WES in general but the policies have changed post-2018. The Canadian equivalency of the PGDM 2-year program in all specializations provided by NMIMS distance education is Post Graduate Diploma (1 year).

Is PGDM from NMIMS worth?

It is a good college for distance learning, and is worth the money paid. Placements: As it is a distance program, we do not get opportunities to sit for college placements. However, the college does train the students to apply for a job outside on their own.

What is Pgdfm?

Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM)

Can we get job after distance MBA?

Distance MBA graduates can get suitable opportunities not only in the private sector but also in government sectors. They are eligible to apply to different government sectors like Banks, Railways, Airports, and PSUs, that keep on introducing other job vacancies for the deserving MBA graduates.

Which is better for distance MBA Ignou or NMIMS?

So comparatively, an online and distance MBA course from NMIMS is a better choice than IGNOU MBA because it offers you more management courses and the Learning Management System and placement assistance of NMIMS are also better than IGNOU.

Is Ignou better than NMIMS?

Is NMIMS degree valid in USA?

Yes . Its recognised. There are many NMIMS passouts who went abroad for further education.

Is NMIMS distance PGDM equivalent to MBA?

NMIMS is one of the few institutes that were granted Graded Autonomy by UGC which means decisions related to exams, curriculum, academics, etc. are made by the authority itself and the institute’s affiliation to AIU makes the Post Graduate Diploma Program (PGDM) equivalent to an MBA degree.