Is Office for National statistics A government publication?

We are independent of ministers and instead report through the UK Statistics Authority to Parliament and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Where is the Office for National Statistics based?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has offices in Newport (Wales), London and Titchfield. Census 2021 headquarters is based at the ONS in Titchfield. The postal address is Segensworth Road, Titchfield, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5RR.

Who runs the office for national statistics?

Sir Ian Diamond
Sir Ian Diamond – National Statistician and Permanent Secretary.

Is the Office for National Statistics real?

The Office for National Statistics is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and the recognised national statistical institute of the UK. It is responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels.

Is ONS part of the civil service?

The ONS would be a non-ministerial government department so that the staff, including the Director, would remain as civil servants but without being under direct ministerial control.

How reliable is the ONS?

The report found that 85% of people who gave a view trusted the statistics produced by ONS, with nearly three in four people agreeing they were produced without any political interference. Meanwhile, nearly a quarter of respondents (24%) said they had used figures produced from the ONS.

What kind of data do the Office of National statistics collect?

Office for National Statistics (ONS) collects and publishes statistics on the economy, population and society using information from a range of sources including surveys (for example, social surveys such as the Labour Force Survey and Wealth and Assets Survey) and administrative data.

Do you have to complete Office for National Statistics survey?

Under Section 17 of the Statistics of Trade Act 1947 anyone carrying on an undertaking, whether or not it is for profit, and including local and public authorities, is legally required to complete ONS business survey questionnaires.

How much does the National Statistician earn?

As a government statistician outside of London, you’ll typically start on a salary of around £26,000 (statistical officer) or £29,000 (assistant statistician). Salaries for experienced government statisticians range from £44,000 to £50,000. Salaries for those based in London are higher.

What kind of data do the Office of National Statistics collect?

How many people work for Office of National statistics?

5000 employees
Our 5000 employees work in an exciting variety of roles. We have colleagues who operate in the field nationwide engaging with the public, at ports, airports and in their homes, as well as colleagues who work from our 3 main sites in Newport, Titchfield and London.

What is it like working for ONS?

Great place work work. Excellent work life balance. Great company culture and ethos. Internal communications is excellent and strives to create a great working environment working with people who truly care about what they do.