Is October Baby a true story?

October Baby was inspired by a YouTube video chronicling the life experiences of Gianna Jessen, who was born after a failed abortion attempt.

What is the movie October Baby about?

A beautiful and naïve college freshman sets out on a road trip with her misfit friends to discover herself after she learns that her entire life is a lie.October Baby / Film synopsis

What does it mean to be an October baby?

Your October baby will be a Libra or Scorpio. If your baby’s birthday falls at the beginning of the month, they’re a balanced, social and fair-minded Libra. After October 22nd your little one falls under the passionate and powerful Scorpio sign.

Where was October Baby filmed?

“October Baby” is their first feature film, and they made extensive use of their home state as they cast and filmed it. Shooting locations included the campus of Samford University in Birmingham, downtown Mobile and Dauphin Island.

Who wrote October Baby?

Jon Erwin
Theresa Preston
October Baby/Screenplay

Is October Baby a good movie?

OctoberBaby contained a very good mix of intense heart wrenching scenes broken up by light hearted comedy and minor romantic scenes. I’d recommend this movie to anyone and everyone as it is completely family friendly in my opinion.

Why is October Baby PG 13?

Parents need to know that October Baby isn’t meant for young or sensitive kids. It focuses on very heavy issues that parents are likely to want to discuss with teens who watch: family deception, the would-be grim consequences of a failed late-term abortion, and a young woman’s struggle with anger and depression.

Which month is very lucky?

A study done in the U.K. showed that May is the luckiest month to be born, and October is the unluckiest.

Are October born beautiful?

People born in the month of October are beautiful. They are lovely to look at. They have exquisite looks that can distract anyone. They are sexy individuals and can keep their lovers hooked with this natural charm.