Is Monte Albán Oaxaca open?

Hours and Admission The Monte Albán archaeological site is open to the public daily from 8 am to 4:30 pm. The site museum closes a bit earlier. Admission is ~80 pesos for adults, free for children under 13.

How long does it take to visit Monte Albán?

around 3 hours
Give yourself around 3 hours to see all that Monte Albán has to offer. Expect to pay about 70 pesos round trip for both Autobuses Turísticos, and Lescas Co Tours. All the buses return to Oaxaca from the Monte Albán car park.

Are there bathrooms at Monte Albán?

Are There Restrooms & Food at Monte Alban? Yes, up front in the museum you’ll find restrooms & a small cafe with lovely views of the sprawling city. And, unlike many other ruins, there are also bathrooms inside Monte Alban (in the far corner).

Why is Monte Albán important?

Monte Alban emerged as the center of political authority in the Valley of Oaxaca around 400 B.C., because it commanded the best terrain in the valley for agriculture and dense settlement. The city developed as a ceremonial center over several hundred years, from 500 BC to 700 AD.

How much does it cost to enter Monte Albán?

Adult admission to Monte Albán costs 65 pesos (around $3.50). Kids ages 13 and younger enter for free. Official guides usually congregate around the ticket office, and they charge 250 pesos (around $13.50) to take small groups on a guided tour.

Is Monte Alban worth visiting?

One of Mexico’s best-preserved and most culturally rich archaeological sites, it features remains of palaces and temples, steep platforms, a ball court, and an observatory with great views of small towns in the surrounding valleys, plus distant mountains and the vibrant city below.

How much does it cost to get into Monte Alban?

What should I wear to Monte Albán?

If you vacation in Monte Alban during May, you are likely to see that it is consistently hot. Temperatures tend to hover around the high 80s F (low 30s C) during the day, while at night they can dip into the low 50s F (mid 10s C).

What is unusual or mysterious about Monte Albán?

Monte Alban in Oaxaca is one of only a few sites in the world where the rise of the State as the government is well preserved. It’s believed that this was a powerful government ruling over multiple cities as they merged together. It’s also the first culture from Mexico to use written language and a calendar.

What is unusual about Monte Albán?

With its ball game court, magnificent temples, tombs and bas-reliefs with hieroglyphic inscriptions, Monte Albán bears unique testimony to the successive civilizations occupying the region during the pre-Classic and Classic periods.

What should I wear to Monte Alban?