Is Miss Atomic Bomb a sequel to Mr Brightside?

Not many people outside of die-hard Killers fans (or, as many so affectionately dub themselves, the Victims) know this, but 2012′s “Miss Atomic Bomb” is the spiritual sequel to the eternally-popular “Mr. Brightside”.

Who wrote Miss Atomic Bomb?

Ronnie Vannucci Jr.
Brandon Flowers
Miss Atomic Bomb/Composers

Who was in the music Video for Mr brightside?

It stars Flowers, Izabella Miko, and Eric Roberts in a love triangle, occurring within the context of a burlesque show.

What is the story in Miss Atomic Bomb?

Songfacts®: This plaintive song was inspired by the 1950s nuclear testing parties, where crowds watched above-ground nuclear tests in the Nevada desert through sunglasses. There was even a beauty pageant, which lead to the iconic photograph of the winning ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ clad in a mushroom cloud-shaped bathing suit.

Is Eric Roberts in Mr Brightside?

In 2003, Roberts also appeared in The Killers’ music video for their song “Mr. Brightside” and “Miss Atomic Bomb”. In 2005, he appeared in the music videos for Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” and “It’s Like That”.

Is Mr. Brightside still on the charts 2021?

Since then, the song has stayed on the charts, with 281 million plays, “making it the most-streamed song of any track released before 2010,” writes the BBC. In Apr. 2021, it became the longest-running chart hit with 260 non-consecutive weeks (a full five years) on the national singles chart, the U.K.’s Top 100.

Why is Mr. Brightside always in the charts?

It made number 100 in the first week of 2005, as fans spent their Christmas record tokens (remember those?) on the remaining copies of the single. Once downloads started being counted towards the countdown in July 2005, Mr Brightside would pop into the charts every time The Killers played a festival or toured the UK.

Is Brandon Flowers still married?

Flowers married Tana Mundkowsky in 2005 and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Park City, Utah. He wrote the song “Some Kind of Love” for his wife while she suffered from complex PTSD. He and his wife have three sons, born in 2007, 2009, and 2011.

Why did keuning leave The Killers?

Keuning stepped away from The Killers in 2017 because of touring burnout, creative differences, a desire to spend more time with his family in San Diego, and what he calls “a hundred small reasons.” The sobering irony that a historic global disease led to his reunion with The Killers is not lost on him.