Is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc a good wine?

Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough has a distinctive, if not charmingly addictive character. The high mouthwatering acidity complements rich tropical flavors contrasted by an asparagus, green grass savory character. It can range from bone dry to subtly sweet (8g/l RS).

Why is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc so good?

The Marlborough style of Sauvignon Blanc is extremely aromatic, with pronounced herbaceous and tropical fruit aromas. They are also known for intense, mouth-watering acidity and flavors of grapefruit and green bell pepper.

Is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc dry?

Is Sauvignon Blanc sweet or dry? Sauvignon Blanc is usually made as a dry, still white wine. However, some producers in Marlborough, New Zealand make sparkling wine with it or leave a touch of sugar for richness.

What is Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough?

The Marlborough region at the top of New Zealand’s South Island has become synonymous with one single grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc. A white-wine grape originally from western France, where it produces single varietal wines such as Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé in the Loire Valley and white blends from Bordeaux.

What does Marlborough mean in wine?

Marlborough Wine. Marlborough is New Zealand’s most important wine region by far. It is particularly famous for its pungent, zesty white wines made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. Wine-Searcher editorial · Last updated 11-Mar-2022.

What makes New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc taste different?

The UV rays help ripen the grapes, and those strong rays mean the grapes can ripen while it’s still relatively cool, which helps keep the fresh acidity. In most other wine regions, it has to get quite warm to also get the grapes ripe and flavorful, and that warmth can decrease acidity.

Why is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc so popular?

“Love it or hate it, New Zealand Sauvignon is popular as it’s such an easy wine to understand and is so consistent”, said UK-based sommelier Ronan Sayburn. “People take great comfort in knowing what they are going to get with its racy vibrancy, well defined flavours from tropical fruit, guava to passionfruit”.

What temperature should Sauvignon Blanc be served at?

Light, Dry Whites (Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, etc.) Serve at 45–49°F. Tip: The lighter the wine is in color and style, the colder it should be served to maintain its acidity and freshness.

What is the driest Sauvignon Blanc?

French Sauvignon Blanc will be the driest whereas Sauvignon Blanc from the New World (California/New Zealand) will be less dry.

What is the difference between Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc?

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc tends to be more pungent and intensely flavoured, still with green fruit at its core but filled out with riper, tropical fruit flavours.