Is Logitech G29 discontinued?

It replaced the Logitech G27 in 2015, but retains the internal design and technical specifications. Its successor is the Logitech G923, released in August 2020, however, the G29 is still available for sale.

What is the lowest price for G29?

Type Price Date
Current $264.69 May 10, 2022
Highest * $514.99 Mar 24, 2020
Lowest * $170.26 Aug 30, 2019
Average + $261.76

Is G29 worth it 2021?

Overall, the G29 and G920 wheel and pedal set are not bad for the price but they will not meet everyone’s needs. I would recommend this wheel to any child or young adult who wants to play Forza, GrandTurismo, or any similar sim-cade game in the market with a wheel.

Which is better Logitech G29 or G923?

Should you upgrade to the new Logitech G923? In a nutshell, we wouldn’t recommend it. The upgraded G923 doesn’t offer much of a different experience when compared to the G29. And the new Trueforce force feedback certainly doesn’t revolutionize Logitech’s racing wheel proposition.

Is G29 or G920 better?

The Logitech G920 is a slightly worse version of the G29. It’s still a fantastic wheel, though, and it’s the only Logitech option available for Xbox One users. However, if you play on PC, you’d be better off with a G29 in terms of overall performance.

Which is better G29 or G920?

Does G29 work on PS3?

The Logitech G29 racing wheel is compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4. For the ultimate racing experience, you should combine the Logitech G29 with a Playseat® racing simulator!

Does G29 work on Xbox?

Yes, you can use the G29 racing wheel on the Xbox One. However, you will need to purchase the Xbox One adapter separately. The adapter allows you to use the racing wheel on the Xbox One console.