Is La historia oficial a true story?

The film is based on the real political events that took place in Argentina after Jorge Rafael Videla’s reactionary military junta assumed power on March 24, 1976.

What is La historia oficial about?

This Argentine drama focuses on Alicia (Norma Aleandro), a high school history teacher who is leading a comfortable life with her husband, Roberto (Héctor Alterio), a businessman with ties to the military, and their adopted daughter. When Alicia begins to wonder about the identity of the little girl’s birth parents, she finds herself suspecting that her daughter may be the child of people abducted or killed by the government’s brutal crackdown on leftist groups.The Official Story / Film synopsis

How does La historia oficial end?

[7] La historia oficial ends with resolute uncertainty: while Alicia and Roberto’s marriage appears to be over and Gaby seems to have been reconnected with her disappeared family, the lies that held the family together have been just as discredited as the official (hi)story.

What is the official story rated?

Not RatedThe Official Story / MPAA rating

What is the significance of the title La historia oficial?

The movie title considers the double- meaning of the word historia in Spanish, which could be translated as “history” and/or “story” in English. The movie takes place in Argentina in 1983, immediately after the Dirty War that results in a one-party political system.

Who is Sara in historia oficial?

Chela Ruiz
When Sara (Chela Ruiz), one of the three women, presents to her convincing evidence that Gaby is actually her own granddaughter, Alicia confronts her husband in Sara’s presence.

Who wrote La historia oficial?

Luis Puenzo
Aída Bortnik
The Official Story/Screenplay

Who Is Benitez in the official story?

Patricio Contreras
The Official Story (1985) – Patricio Contreras as Benitez – IMDb.