Is Kremona a good brand?

Online stores like Amazon stock the entire Kremona range. It is a different choice from the usual, a quality guitar hand-made out of solid woods. It offers a balanced sound at a good volume. And the price is surprisingly reasonable for its quality and workmanship.

Where are Kremona guitars made?

Kazanluk Bulgaria
Ukuleles. Kremona Guitars and Dimitar Georgiev Studio violins and bowed instruments are handcrafted by the luthier masters in Kremona, a small studio established in 1924 in Kazanluk Bulgaria. Kremona offers our guitars in the traditional European craftsmanship to many countries around the world.

Where are Admira guitars made?

northern Spain
Admira Guitars are without doubt one of the most popular and biggest selling Spanish classical guitar brands in the world today. Admira are firmly rooted in Spain with their manufacturing workshops still based in Zarautz, northern Spain.

Where is Kremona?

The Kremona workshop in Bulgaria has been making stringed instruments since 1924, supplying musicians throughout the world.

Who owns Cordoba guitars?

Tim Miklaucic
Cordoba Guitars was founded in 1997 by (CEO) Tim Miklaucic and is located in beautiful Santa Monica, CA. Cordoba Nylon String Guitars is the result of Miklaucic’s desire to rescue the classical guitar which, today, has been overshadowed by the acoustic steel-string guitar and the electric guitar.

Is Admira good guitar?

The Admira line of nylon-acoustic guitars are great quality and value. They offer handcrafted instruments at a mid-range price, making them extremely accessible. The biggest drawback to Admira’s guitars is that they are relatively tough to find if you live in the US.

Where are Alhambra guitars made?

Alicante, Spain
The big name in handmade Spanish classical guitars, flamenco guitars and acoustic guitars. Alhambra Guitars came into being on June 14 1965, in Muro De Alcoy, a town located near to the Mediterranean coast in the province of Alicante, Spain.

Where are Lucero classical guitars made?

Where are Lucero guitars made? Our instruments are hand-crafted in Asia, to our exacting specifications.