Is Kim Philby still alive?

May 11, 1988Kim Philby / Date of death

Why was Juan Pujol a spy?

After developing a loathing of political extremism of all sorts during the Spanish Civil War, Pujol decided to become a spy for Britain as a way to do something “for the good of humanity”. Pujol and his wife contacted the British Embassy in Madrid, which rejected his offers.

Where is Kim Philby now?

Philby died of heart failure in Moscow in 1988.

Who is Harold Cole?

Harold Cole (24 January 1906 – 8 January 1946), also known as Harry Cole, Paul Cole, and many other aliases, was a petty criminal, a confidence man, a British soldier, an operative of the Pat O’Leary escape line, and an agent of Nazi Germany.

Was Kim Philby a traitor?

In his homeland, Britain, he has been labeled as a “traitor”. But, in fact, just for “betraying” the interests of British imperialism, Philby should be regarded as a hero for the working class people. “I have followed exactly the same line the whole of my adult life.

Who was the most famous double agent?

agent Juan Pujol
The Normandy Landings of 6 June 1944 marked the beginning of the liberation of occupied Western Europe. The Security Service made a significant contribution to the success of D-Day through its double agent Juan Pujol, codenamed GARBO, who has been described as the greatest double agent of the Second World War.

Who was Agent Garbo?

Juan Pujol Garcia
‘Agent Garbo,’ The Spy Who Lied About D-Day Juan Pujol Garcia lived a lie that helped win World War II. Nicknamed for the enigmatic actress Greta Garbo, Garcia’s own performance was so convincing he fooled Hitler himself.

Are any of the Cambridge Five still alive?

Maclean died in Russia in 1983, and Philby in 1988. Of the rest of the Cambridge Five, Guy Burgess died in Russia in 1963, and Anthony Blunt in London in 1983. John Cairncross, the last to be publicly identified by investigative journalists and former Soviet intelligence officers, died in England in 1995.

Who were the British spies?

The members of the ring were Donald Maclean (1913 – 1983), Guy Burgess (1911 – 1963), Harold ‘Kim’ Philby (1912 – 1988) and Anthony Blunt (1907 – 1983). Several other people have been suggested as belonging to the ring, including John Cairncross.

What happened to the Cambridge spies?

To avoid being prosecuted, both men fled England after which their whereabouts were unknown till about 1956, when they held a press conference to announce that they were living as communists in Moscow.

Who was the British spy in ww2?

The purpose of SOE was to conduct espionage, sabotage, and reconnaissance in countries occupied by the Axis powers, especially those occupied by Nazi Germany….

Noor Inayat Khan
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch Women’s Auxiliary Air Force Special Operations Executive
Years of service 1940–1944