Is keveye Girls an extra County School?

Tigoi Girls, Kaimosi schools, Vokoli and Keveye girls are some of the best performing extra county schools in Vihiga County. Extra County Schools in Kenya form the second tier of secondary schools; after National schools. They were formerly referred to as Provincial schools.

Is Goibei girls a national school?

Goibei Girls High school is a Girls’ only boarding Secondary School, located in Tiriki West near Serem Town, Hamisi Constituency in Vihiga County; within the Western Region of Kenya….

Pos in County 1
School Bunyore Girls High
KCSE 2019 Mean 8.8925
County Vihiga
Pos Nationally 30

How many National School are in Kenya?

103 national schools
The 103 national schools have now been grouped into four clusters, based on their infrastructure and human resources.

Is Machakos school a national school?

Machakos School, otherwise known as Machakos High School, is a boys national school located in Machakos county in Kenya.

Is Tigoi girls a good school?

From its budding years of 1970s till now, the school is arguably a sports powerhouse, churning out deadly basketball and hockey stars. Tigoi teams have been a feeder pipeline for the top basketball league with an array of solid and exceptional players through the years.

How many secondary schools are there in Kenya?

10,413 secondary
As of 2020, Kenya counted 10,413 secondary educational institutions, including private and public schools.

Who is Indimuli Kahi?

Indimuli Kahi is the Chairman of the Kenya Secondary’s Heads Associations (KSSHA) and Principal of Machakos School. He is the former chief principal of Chavakali National School, during which time he received an award as an outstanding principal shujaa of the year 2016.

How many marks do you need to join extra county school?

Extra county schools can enroll 123,399 students, county schools 142,358, while sub-county schools can accommodate 685,590 learners. The Candidates who scored 380 marks and above are ordinarily assured of places in national and extra county schools.

Which county has the most schools in Kenya?

Kisii County has the highest number of secondary schools in the country, according to the latest data published four days ahead of the release of this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations. Samburu and Isiolo counties have the lowest — ten each — followed by Tana River with 11 and Marsabit with 12.