Is Joondalup hospital private or public?

Joondalup Private Hospital is a standalone private hospital with the unique benefit of being co-located with Joondalup Health Campus, one of the largest hospitals in Western Australia providing public patient services for the entire family from birth through to old age.

Can you have visitors at Joondalup hospital?

May have one essential visitor present 24/7. Please note a second visitor may attend during visiting hours but only one visitor may be at the bedside at any one time. On a case-by-case basis as agreed. Additional visitors are permitted for patients at end of life on the approval of the hospital’s Executive.

How many beds does Joondalup hospital have?

722Joondalup Health Campus / Number of beds

Who owns Joondalup hospital?

Joondalup Health Campus is managed by Ramsay Health Care – Australia’s largest and most respected private hospital operator. In Western Australia, Ramsay Health Care also operates Hollywood Private Hospital, Attadale Private Hospital, Glengarry Private Hospital and Peel Health Campus.

Who is the CEO of Joondalup hospital?

Dr Amanda Ling
Dr Amanda Ling She is currently both CEO and Director of Medical Services and spearheads our strategic direction and growth.

How much is parking at Joondalup hospital?

Parking fees are $2.00 per hour, and capped at $10.00 per day. A weekly permit for $35.00 is also available for long-stay visitors. Please ask our friendly reception staff for more information. Parking is free if you are visiting in off-peak periods.

How much is parking at Joondalup Hospital?

Does Joondalup Hospital have free WiFi?

WiFi. Wireless internet access is available to all patients and visitors. Wi-Fi access instructions are provided in the Wireless Internet Access leaflet.

How many ICU beds are in Joondalup?

9-bed Intensive Care Unit. 6-bed High Dependency Unit. 10-bed Coronary Care Unit. Level 2b Neonatal Unit with 16 cots.

Who is the CEO of Joondalup Hospital?

How many hospitals are in Perth?

WA Health has more than 80 hospitals spread across an area of 2.5 million square kilometres, providing world class health care to our population of 2.5 million. Three of our hospitals are managed under private-public partnerships, delivering free public health care to the community.

Who is Kempton Cowan?

Dr Kempton Cowan was the chief executive of Joondalup Health Campus and a member of the Edith Cowan University Council. Dr Cowan had worked in a strategic role as a Ramsay Health Care executive until he was charged by Federal Police with possessing child abuse material in March 2022.