Is it normal for snakes to have diarrhea?

bacterial infections or low temperatures are common causes of diarrhea. as it’s a new snake you should get a fecal sample to a vet.

What should ball python poop look like?

A healthy ball python will produce feces that is light brown to black in color. If you are feeding rodents, you should expect to see some hair in the feces, since hair does not break down easily in the digestive tract.

What is ball python urate?

The blue and brown specks on the urates are intestinal waste. The blue color is caused by bile salts from the liver. Blue or green coloration generally occurs when a snake has not been fed in a month or two. Much of the intestinal waste is made up of hair from the prey.

Do ball pythons Pee liquid?

Yes, they can and will pee when held. They don’t regularly musk like some colubrids, but they’re not particularly discriminating about where they pee. Yes, it can be liquid.

What dies snake poop look like?

When snakes excrete waste, it is actually a mixture of feces and urine that looks white and is more of a liquid than a solid, much like bird droppings. The pests’ waste may contain bones, hair, scales, and other indigestible materials leftover from meals.

Why is my snakes poop watery?

If your ball python’s poop is watery, it could be caused by stress, internal parasites, food changes. It can also happen if a rodent was not thawed out properly or if you have fed a very wet rodent. Generally, watery or runny poop isn’t normal in ball pythons if it happens more than 2 times in a row.

What does ball python urate look like?

White waste that you see in your ball python’s poop are urates – white, yellowish colored soft chalky and round urine in solid form (kidney waste). Sometimes, your ball python might only produce urates, so you might think that it’s poop.

Why is my snakes poop white?

If the feces is not fresh, it can turn white. On the other hand, fresh white feces can also be completely healthy, mainly if your snake has recently digested an animal with a high bone-to-meat ratio.

How can I tell if my ball python is dehydrated?

A dehydrated ball python will have wrinkly skin, creasing eyes, constipation, and a dry mouth. A stuck shed may also occur due to inadequate moisture and enough fluids in the body….Signs of dehydration in ball pythons

  1. Wrinkled skin.
  2. Creasing eyes.
  3. Stuck shed.
  4. Dry mouth and tongue.
  5. Loss of appetite.
  6. Constipation.

Why does my snake feel squishy?

Re: my snake is squishy… The mushy belly is normal. You need to use a thermostat with your UTH to prevent burns. There is no way to keep them from moving the substrate.