Is Henry Parrish ichabods son?

The son of Ichabod and Katrina Crane, he made a deal with Moloch for his own freedom in exchange for becoming War, the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse, as part of Moloch’s plan to bring forth the Apocalypse.

Do Katrina and Ichabod end up together?

Ichabod and Katrina were soon married.

Who does crane end up with in Sleepy Hollow?

It was eventually revealed to him that his wife, Katrina, and her coven had cast a spell on him in order to resurrect him and put him on the correct path as one of the Witnesses mentioned in the biblical Book of Revelation. He found and formed a team with Abbie Mills, the Second Witness.

Why does Katrina turn evil?

Katrina was also shown to be manipulative and deceitful when it suited her purposes. She withheld her status as a witch and spy from her husband, Ichabod, lied to him about Mary’s death, and the fact that he had a son.

What happened to Nick Hawley on Sleepy Hollow?

He was brutally attacked by the Piper and left for dead in the woods.

Who is Jeremy in Sleepy Hollow?

Character Actor Season
Malcolm Dreyfuss Jeremy Davies Main
Supporting characters
The Headless Horseman / Abraham van Brunt Richard Cetrone

Do Crane and Abbie get together?

In the season finale, Ichabod must choose between killing Katrina and saving Abbie’s life. He did have a choice, something he recognizes himself after-the-fact. He chooses Abbie.

Is Brom Bones the Headless Horseman?

It is heavily implied that Brom is in fact the Headless Horseman. Supporting reasoning for this would be the similarities between Brom’s horse and the Horseman’s.

Does Abbie and crane get together?

Is Katrina a witch in Sleepy Hollow movie?

Katrina Van Tassel is the daughter of Baltus Van Tassel who falls in love with Ichabod Crane when he comes to Sleepy Hollow to uncover the culprit to the recent murders in the village. She dabled in Witchcraft.

Who is the villain in Sleepy Hollow?

MOLOCH is the big bad of ‘Sleepy Hollow. ‘ You might better know him as “the God Demon of Child Sacrifice,” or a character in ‘Paradise Lost. ‘ His dream is to cause the Apocalypse and he’s doing this by raising the Headless Horseman, the first Horseman of the Apocalypse.

What happened to Ichabod Crane son in Sleepy Hollow?

Since Henry no longer has the Mantle of War, he died after he was shot by Abbie. His last requests were to have his mother continue their work and call him Jeremy. After sharing last words with Crane, Jeremy sadly said “Father?” before he disintegrates into dust.