Is H-Wave the same as TENS?

Is H-Wave different from a TENS unit? Yes. H-Wave not only provides more effective pain control than a TENS, but is also rehabilitative and can achieve long lasting benefits from just a 30 minute treatment – unlike a TENS, which stops working once the pads are off.

What is the H-Wave used for?

Home H-Wave is used to help relieve pain and help speed the recovery process by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improving range of motion, relaxing muscle spasms, and preventing disuse atrophy.

Who owns H-Wave?

Electronic Waveform Lab, Inc. (EWL) is the sole developer and manufacturer of the H-Wave® device. In 1981 EWL introduced this completely unique technology and discovered unmatched success in rehabilitation and pain control.

Can you use an H-Wave while pregnant?

Physical therapy and acupuncture are also well tolerated. During pregnancy, it is not recommended for patients to receive any electromagnetic radiation sources such as H-wave or ultrasound.

Is H-Wave FDA approved?

The H-Wave® device has received 510(k) approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a muscle stimulator. Approved uses for this device include: treatment of muscle spasm, deterrence or reduction of muscle disuse atrophy, and improvement of muscle range of motion, among others.

Can I put TENS unit on my neck?

How to use a TENS unit placement for neck pain. For neck pain, place two electrodes on the lower backside of the neck on the sides (painful area). For some, placing two or more electrodes above or beside the shoulder blades may work better. Take note not to place electrodes close to the head.

Is H-Wave covered by Medicare?

Medicare Members: PPO BlueSM This is NOT a covered service.

Can you go too high on a TENS unit?

Do not turn it up too high, as this can cause over-stimulation which may make pain worse. There should be no muscle contraction. At the end of the session turn the machine off and disconnect the electrodes from the machine.