Is Donald Trump Disqualified the number 1 pre-debate search query on Google:


Republican Presidential frontrunner candidate, and an extremely controversial personality, Donald Trump has been a man who has been causing quite a stir across the country and across the planet at large.  Being the President of the United States catapults you into a position of great power, and there is a strong chance that this fight is primarily going to be between Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Everytime someone has a question they’re not too sure about, they go to Google. The US Elections of 2016 too have been having their effect on Google already. Before the democratic debate, which saw Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’ Malley

Usually the participants of a debate are the ones who are the most talked about before and after the debate ends. However, Donald Trump looks like he’s certainly winning the publicity games as he has been the number one searched presidential candidate on Google, as per Google Trends. He was the number one search throughout the debate and even before it. Bernie Sanders started off lower than Hillary, but then by the end of the debate, he rose to the second spot while Trump still stood at the numero uno position.

According to Google Trends, two of the most popular questions that are now being asked before the primary debate were: “Is Donald Trump disqualified?” and “What did Donald Trump say yesterday?”

Donald Trump has been at the centerstage of all things that scream ‘controversy’. The man is a firm believer in the theory of ‘controversy creates cash’, and for Trump, it is certainly creating a lot of buzz. So much that even Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone ahead and praised him, calling him a ‘brilliant and talented’ person, to which Trump replied saying, ‘he’s right, I am brillant’.

Politics and internet have gone hand in hand since the 2008 Obama elections where the Yes We Can movement was largely an online campaign, his second campaign too was quite popular on the internet which saw Obama appear on a reddit AMA and do much more to attract the internet savvy youth.