Is Chalk Paint good for painting kitchen cabinets?

You can use Chalk Paint® to repaint the doors on your kitchen cabinets and drawers quickly, easily – and with minimal spend.

What is the most popular GREY for kitchen cabinets?

Top 5 Gray Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

  • Sherwin Williams Pussywillow #7643.
  • Sherwin Williams Pavestone #7642.
  • Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray #7017.
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Owl #2137.
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Horse #2140-50.

Do chalk painted cabinets hold up?

The chalk paint itself has held up really well. There was little to no chipping. Chalk paint is amazing for DIY projects because it requires no prep work and eliminates the need for priming.

Why you shouldn’t paint your cabinets?

Detailed Patterns, Warped or Damaged Cabinets If your cabinets have detailed patterns or they are warped, chipped, cracked or have other damage to them, then painting your kitchen cabinets is not the way to go – it most definitely won’t solve your cabinet problem.

Should I paint my kitchen cabinets GREY?

Pros of Gray Cabinets As far as aesthetics go, gray is a popular color choice for rooms because it’s versatile. If your kitchen has a warmer tone, you can go with a warmer gray; if your kitchen favors cooler colors like blues, you can choose more of a slate gray with blue undertones.

Are GREY kitchen cabinets trendy?

Gray was predicted to be a top kitchen trend in 2018, and today, it is faring well among the kitchen cabinetry colors. There are different gray shades that you may want to explore when remodeling your kitchen.

Which color is best for kitchen cabinets?

The 7 Best Cabinet Paint Colors for a Happier Kitchen, According to Interior Designers

  1. White and dark gray. “It’s important to keep in mind how much natural light your space gets before deciding on paint colors.
  2. Crisp white.
  3. Understated gray.
  4. Vibrant blue.
  5. White and dark gray.
  6. A slightly off-white white.
  7. Greige.

What type of paint should I use on kitchen cabinets?

There are many types of paint to choose from, but the best paint for kitchen cabinets is semi-gloss, gloss or satin. Matte is not practical in kitchens and baths where you will need durable paint you can easily clean.

How do you get a weathered gray finish?


  1. Make sure your wood is properly prepared.
  2. Stain your wood with one coat of Minwax Dark Walnut stain.
  3. Apply a white wash mixture to the wood, using one about 1 part water to 1 part white paint.
  4. Lightly distress the wood finish with sandpaper until you achieve your desired look!

What is the best chalk paint for cabinets?

Chalk paint has a beautiful smooth matte finish,

  • The best chalk paints adhere well to any surface
  • Chalk paint doesn’t chip
  • Chalk paint is usually low VOC and non-toxic
  • How to paint your kitchen cabinets with chalk paint?


  • Sandpaper (light grade if you choose to pre-sand)
  • Sanding Block (if you want to distress cabinets after chalk painting)
  • Chalk Paint – I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.
  • Small,Medium and Large Chalk Paint Brushes – You will need different sizes for different areas of cabinetry.
  • Polycrylic
  • Painter Pyramid Stands (4 per cabinet door)
  • Is chalk paint durable enough for kitchen cabinets?

    Minimum Prep Required. Painting the cabinets with chalk paint does not need detailed or meticulous preparation.

  • There’s No Need Of A Primer. Unlike most paints,chalk paints do not require a primer to sustain.
  • Easy to Paint.
  • The Distressed Look.
  • Some More Chalk Paint Pros Include: -You don’t have to buy special brushes.
  • How to remove chalk paint from kitchen cabinets?

    Precautions When Removing Chalk Paint. Sanding exposes you to lots of dust. Seal off the vents and any other items you don’t want to be covered in dust.

  • Tools and Materials
  • Removing Chalk Paint Step by Step. Step 1: Assemble all your tools and materials. Next,wear your protective gear and ensure the room is well ventilated.