Is Car Craft magazine being discontinued?

On December 9, 2019, MotorTrend publisher TEN Publishing announced that they will cease publishing of Car Craft, alongside 18 other magazines. The final issue of the magazine was published in December, 2019.

What happened Car Craft?

The Carcraft brand is now owned by the Rix brothers, Reg and Louis Rix, who also own Carfinance247, a firm fined £30,000 in September 2016 for sending 65,000 spam text messages.

Is there any automotive magazine?

Covering the world of automotive service since 1903.

Is Street Rodder magazine stopping publication?

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What happened to MotorTrend?

Starting Friday, November 23, Velocity will be rebranded as MotorTrend Network, the new cable home of shows like Wheeler Dealers, Bitchin’ Rides, Iron Resurrection, and many more.

What happened to car magazines?

TEN Publishing will shutter 19 of its 22 automotive magazines by the end of the year, leaving MotorTrend, Hot Rod and Four Wheeler as the only three titles that will continue to be published in print in 2020.

Is Super Chevy magazine being discontinued?

Super Chevy, Lowrider, Car Craft & 16 Other Auto Magazines Shutting Down Print Editions. TEN Publishing is shutting down print operations for 19 of its 22 automotive titles, which include several of the most popular and well-known car and truck magazines of our lifetime.

What happened carcraft Rochdale?

Carcraft has changed in that we no longer have any physical dealerships. The all new Carcraft is a website featuring thousands of quality used cars, all available from independent dealers we know & trust from across the UK, all of whom have been through our rigorous approval process.

Is Motor Trend magazine still published?

As of 2019 it is published by Motor Trend Group. It has a monthly circulation of over one million.

Does Motor Trend still have a magazine?

The MotorTrend brand is composed primarily of Discovery’s MotorTrend Network; the award-winning website and MotorTrend App subscription video on-demand service, and MotorTrend magazine. MotorTrend’s mantra is to embrace, entertain, and empower the motoring world.

Who owns MotorTrend magazine?

Warner Bros. Discovery
Motor Trend Group, LLC, formerly known as Source Interlink Media and TEN: The Enthusiast Network, is a media company that specializes in enthusiast brands, such as Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Roadkill. Headquartered in New York City, it is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery through its sports unit.

Does Diesel Power magazine still exist?

The original tagline for the magazine called it “The Voice of the Turbodiesel Enthusiast” and it’s now “The World’s Largest Diesel Magazine.” As of January 2012, the magazine has certified circulation of more than 135,000 per month according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.