Is Atharva College of Engineering good?

One of The Best Engineering College in Mumbai Infrastructure : Atharva College has Excellent Infrastructure. Campus is to nice. Atharva has World Class Auditorium , also have Swimming pool. Good IT Labs With Good Speed of Internet connection.

Is Atharva College good for MMS?

AIMS Atharva Placements The MMS programme stood up at the highest placement record of 92 per cent which was with an increase of around 26 per cent than the previous year.

Is Atharva College of Engineering private or government?

Atharva ranks in top 16 private colleges in India and top 8 colleges in Mumbai.

Who is the owner of Atharva College of Engineering?

Board of Governers

Sr. Member Designation
1. Hon. Shri. Sunil Rane Chairman of the committee
2. Dr. S. P. Kallurkar Secretary of the committee
3. Dr. P N Nemade Faculty
4. Dr. Jyoti Mali Faculty

Is Vidyalankar good for MBA?

Placements: It is a very good college to do MS or MBA. So my batch is 2018-20. In my batch, for now, only 40 – 50 % of student are placed because the companies for placement is started so for now only 40% student placed. The highest salary for HR is 8.00 Lacs offered and for the lowest salary is 3-5 Lacs.

Is Mlid autonomous?

Yes, the College MLR Institute of technology, Hyderabad is an autonomous college and it’s among the top ten Colleges in Hyderabad. The College is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru technological university, Hyderabad. So, there is no confusions and you can very well join in this college. Hope this helps you!!

When was started the College of Engineering at Mumbai?


Engineering college Location Established
College of Engineering, Trivandrum Trivandrum 1939
Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute Bombay 1887
Annamalai University Tamil Nadu 1929
Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai Mumbai 1933

Is PGDM equal to MBA?

PGDM is a Diploma and is equivalent to MBA from any Indian University. Exams are conducted by affiliated University. PGDM institutions are authorized by AICTE to conduct the exams.

Is Vidyalankar a good college?

VIT is one of the best colleges in Mumbai. The fee for some courses is very much.