Is Alpha Chi Omega a top tier sorority?

Alpha Chi Omega (“AXO” or “A Chi O”) is a mid-tier sorority with a widely varying reputation. AXO girls are generally not considered terribly hot or popular, but they are respected for being classy and involved in campus life. Despite their relatively low profile, AXOs are considered down-to-earth and genuine.

What percentage of SDSU is Greek life?

As of 2016, San Diego State University had 33,778 students enrolled, and of those, almost 15 percent were part of Greek organizations on campus.

Is SDSU Greek life?

SDSU’s social fraternities and sororities, including both general and culturally-based organizations, are represented by 4 governing councils. Each chapter at San Diego State University has a unique experience to offer it’s members!

How much is sorority at SDSU?

Sorority life at SDSU can be very expensive. Because of the popularity of greek life here, it can range anywhere from $1200-$1500 per semester. It all depends on each individual sorority, so it ranges but it is in the thousands. However, if you have some sort of scholarship, your money can cover the sorority costs.

Is SDSU getting rid of Greek life?

This August, the fraternity’s national office permanently suspended its SDSU chapter, citing the college police department’s investigation into Hernandez’s death. The university also expelled the organization until 2030.

How many Greek auxiliary groups are there in SDSU?

We have 4 Greek councils at SDSU!

How do you join a sorority at SDSU?

For first-year freshmen pursuing membership, organizations may require a GPA from 2.25 to 3.5. It is important to note, most chapters require prospective members to maintain a certain GPA requirement to be eligible for initiation (full membership) in the organization.

What is Chi Omega known for?

Chi Omega is an “intergenerational women’s organization” that states its founding purposes as: “friendship, personal integrity, service to others, academic excellence and intellectual pursuits, community and campus involvement and personal and career development”.