Is Alexandra Churchill married?

Miss Alexandra Churchill, daughter of Mrs. James L. Farley of Cornish, N.H., and Creighton Churchill of New York and Portland, Me., was married Monday to Massimo Pabis‐Ticci.

Is Alexandra Churchill historian related to Winston Churchill?

Alexandra Churchill is related to a Winston Churchill, but not the Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Is Alexandra Churchill Indian?

Her father was from Pakistan and came to England in the 1970s. On his side Alex descended from the travelling army of Alexander the Great.

Who is Alexander Churchill?

Alex Churchill is the Deputy Director of the Therapeutics Taskforce at the Department for Health and Social Care.

Did Churchill have children?

Randolph Churchill
Diana ChurchillSarah ChurchillMarigold ChurchillMary Soames
Winston Churchill/Children

Are there any living descendants of Winston Churchill?

Lady Soames, the last surviving child of Sir Winston Churchill, has died, her family said on Sunday. Mary Soames, who was 91, died peacefully at home in west London on Saturday evening surrounded by her family, after a short illness.

Is Winston Churchill related to Princess Diana?

The short answer is yes. Via the Spencer-Churchill line, Princess Diana is related to Winston Churchill, former British prime minister. Their common ancestors include Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer (1675-1722) and his wife Anne Churchill: Diana’s 7x great-grandparents, and Winston’s 5x great-grandparents.

Is Lady Diana related to Winston Churchill?

6. Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) The prime minister was Princess Diana’s distant cousin. To this day, some members of the family still style their last name as Spencer-Churchill.

Is Mary Churchill still alive?

May 31, 2014Mary Soames / Date of death

Was Princess Diana descended from royalty?

Diana is descended from not one, but two illegitimate children of King Charles II of England: Henry Fitzroy and Charles Lennox, via two of her great-grandmothers, Adelaide Seymour and Rosalind Bingham. This means that Diana’s royal family tree stretches back through the ages of both English and Scottish history.