Is Air Wick the same as Glade?

The bottles themselves are not interchangeable but you can drain the fluid from the Airwick Plugin bottle into the Glade Plugin bottle. Hard to explain but the security caps around the neck of the bottles can be taken off and put back on.

Does Air Wick fit Bath and Body Works?

Sorry to tell you , NO they do not. They will however fit into the older Air Wick plug in’s and some of the Glade plug in’s.

How do you refill Air Wick air freshener?

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Remove warmer from wall outlet. Remove refill from warmer and screw cap onto empty fragrance bottle. Unscrew cap from new fragrance bottle and insert into warmer until “click” can be heard.

What is Air Wick freshmatic ultra automatic air freshener?

. Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Air Freshener fills your home with continuous, fresh fragrance. Each refill provides continuous fragrance for up to 60 days*. The Freshmatic diffuser has 3 settings to achieve desired fragrance level. Enjoy the continuous freshness in your bathroom, living room, office or den.

How do I refill my Air Wick® auto sprays?

1. Twist open & insert refill 2. Twist close until click 3. Open lid & insert batteries 4. Adjust Fragrance 5. Close lid & enjoy! Air Wick® Auto Sprays fills your home with odor-neutralizing fragrance 24/7. Just set the device to your preferred fragrance intensity setting and enjoy. Each refill provides up to 60 days* of odor protection.

How do I refill my freshmatic® automatic air freshener?

To refill your Freshmatic® Automatic Air Freshener with your new fragrance, twist the top of your Freshmatic® to open, remove the lid of your new fragrance refill, place it inside your Freshmatic®, and twist close until you hear a click. You may need to replace the batteries, which are located under the lid.

How long do Air Wick auto sprays last?

fragrance 24/7. Get the confidence of knowing that your home is always fresh, even when unexpected guests arrive, with the 24/7 odor neutralization power of Air Wick© Auto Sprays. Each refill lasts up to 60 days* and has 3 settings to find your preferred fragrance level.