Is a Renault Megane a sports car?

The current Renault Megane is a class front-runner in hatchback form, so the pressure is on for the practical Sport Tourer estate. Fortunately it features the same engines and trims as the standard car, so it has the potential to challenge the class best.

Is Megane a reliable car?

Reliability Survey, it’s worth noting that the Megane itself did pretty well, scoring a solid 83% overall. That suggests that it should be a pretty dependable buy.

Is Renault Megane a diesel?

Under the bonnet you’ll find a choice of two petrol and two diesel engines. Our dCi 110 is an eager performer, with a decent 108bhp making light work of short urban journeys and longer motorway jaunts.

Is the Renault Megane fuel efficient?

Renault claimed up to 62.8mpg and CO2 emissions as low as 117g/km for the Iconic trim. Step up to the top-of-the-range R.S. Line version with an automatic gearbox and economy sits at 61.4mpg with emissions at 121g/km; visits to fuel stations shouldn’t be too frequent as a result.

Is the Renault Megane 1.5 DCI a good car?

The 1.5 dci is great in-gear and feels more powerful overall than the figures would suggest. It makes for an effortless drive. My favourite feature of the Megane is the ride quality.

What is the combined fuel consumption on all Megane hybrids?

Both feature a 1.6-litre petrol engine mated to a 65hp, or 49kW, electric motor, resulting in combined fuel economy of 235.4mpg and CO2 emissions of only 28g/km.

How reliable is Renault?

How reliable are Renault? Renault are pretty dependable. In the Telegraph reliability survey of 2017 they placed Renault 14th out of 20 for dependability. It was reported that there were 116 problems per 100 vehicles, which is above the industry average.

Why are Renaults so cheap?

Because Renault are popular and also quite common cars, it means that their parts are more common and therefore take less time to source. They are also more affordable and therefore this keeps the repair costs low.

Do Renault make good engines?

Figures recently released by consumer warranty company Warranty Direct, show that Volkswagen, Audi and BMW make some of the least reliable engines on the market….Bottom 10 manufacturers – least reliable engines.

Manufacturer Failure Rate
8 Renault 1 in 46
9 Volkswagen 1 in 52
10 Mitsubishi 1 in 59

Do Renault make hybrid cars?

Renault Hybrid cars. In a changing world, Renault has created a response to your diverse needs: the E-TECH range. Enjoy new driving experiences, all while saving on fuel, with Renault’s hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.