Is a Holden Caprice a Statesman?

The Holden Caprice is also known as the Holden Statesman, the HSV Grange, the Buick Park Avenue, the Buick Royaum, the Chevrolet Caprice, the Daewoo Veritas and the Daewoo Statesman in markets outside Australia.

How much is a VQ Statesman?

The VQ Statesman Series II was priced from A$42,863 when new. VQ Statesman Series II Standard features superseded and added to those of the VQ Statesman Series I variant: 15-inch alloy wheels.

Is Holden Caprice a luxury car?

Like the Caprice for Holden, the Park Avenue was positioned as Buick’s largest flagship luxury car, and was available in four trim levels: Flagship, Luxury, Elite and Comfort.

Are all Statesman V8?

The main difference between the Caprice and the Statesman was the options. But the common ingredient was the engine bay. Both were offered with either a V6 or a V8 engine.

What engine is in a Holden Statesman?

308 V8 engine
All Statesman de Ville sedans featured the 308 V8 engine as standard equipment, with the 350 V8 an option. Compared to the broad range of Holden sedans, the Statesman sedans featured a wheelbase extended by 3 inches (76 mm), totalling 114 inches (2,900 mm), in common with Holden’s range of station wagons.

Is a Holden Statesman a Commodore?

Holden Statesman and Caprice are stretched versions of the standard Holden Commodore sedan.

When was the last Statesman made?

December 1984
Production ceased with the last of the WB series cars in December 1984. GM Holden reintroduced the range in 1990 with two long-wheelbase sedans; however, the cars were no longer marketed as Statesman by brand name, but instead as the Holden Statesman and the Holden Caprice.

How many VQ Statesman made?

HSV VQ Statesman SV90 | SV93 | 5000i

Quick Details
Years Produced 1991 – 1993
Number Produced 134 (SV90) 50 (5000i) 81 (VQII 5000i) 9 (VQII 5000i 5th ann) 46 (SV93) 5 (SV93 5thAnn)
Engine 5.0L V8
Power 180kw / 400nm 200kw / 410nm

What year is a VQ Statesman?

In 1991, Holden introduced the VQ Series II models. The Series II Caprice ushered anti-lock brakes as standard, however it was optional on the Statesman….Also see:

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