Is 12AX7 the same as 7025?

The ECC83 (12AX7) Valve The answer is simple. In ‘theory’ you’ll get a bit lower noise and lower hum with a 7025. Otherwise, they are identical.

What is a 7025 preamp tube?

Also known as the ECC83 or the 7025, it is a dual triode tube that has the highest voltage gain of all preamp tubes, with a mu of 100. Widely used across guitar amplifiers and hi-fi applications. For less gain, you can replace a 12AX7 with 5751, 12AT7, or a 12AY7.

What is the difference between 12AX7 and 12AU7?

The biggest difference between these power tubes is the amount of gain they will provide. The 12AX7 has a gain factor of 100, while the 12AT7 has 60. The 12AU7 has the smallest, at just 20. The lower gain of the 12AT7 and 12AU7 also allows them to have a higher headroom, which can provide a warmer and cleaner sound.

Is 12AX7 the same as 12AX7A?

12AX7A is an “updated” lower noise version of 12AX7, and as Mr. Hoffman said it has to do with the way the heater is designed. Another 12AX7 “update” are 7025 tubes which are supposedly less noisy than 12AX7A and with lower hum, again because of heater being redesigned.

How long do NOS tubes last?

The average lifespan of different kinds of amp tubes

Model Usage Lifespan (NOS)
KT88 / KT90 / 6550 Power tube 2500 hours
12AX7 Preamp tube 5000 hours
12AU7 Preamp tube 5000 hours
6922 Preamp tube 5000 hours

Can I swap 12AX7 for 12AU7?

You can interchange a 12AX7 with 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AY7 or 5751 as they are all the same pin structure, however they will each give you a different result in your amp. Each of these tubes has a different gain factor, which means some will give higher gain and others lower gain.

Can you substitute 12AU7 for 12AX7?

The 12AX7, 12AT7, and 12AU7 all belong to the same family of nine contact, twin triode tubes. In many cases, these tubes are interchangeable and can easily be swapped.