iPhone 7 Making Abnormal Sounds, Are the Hissing Noises And Sounds Normal?


Now, it’s the iPhone 7 hissing noises and sounds. Looks like the Apple saga does not want to end. After numerous rumors and complaints about Apple’s upcoming and newly released products, the tech giant seems to face another issue. At present, the ‘tendency’ of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to hiss at their users is the center of attention. Reports say they are hissing like snakes in the grass. Is the case another problem that Apple must fix? Or is it actually just normal?

According to Independent, numerous people who got their phones since last week are reporting that their iPhones make an audible hissing noise when put under intense load. The sounds are said to come from the back of each phone.

Additionally, the problem seems to prevail in the iPhone 7 Plus. Numerous users have reported that it happens and is most noticeable during the times when the phone is restored from new. Reports suggest that the blunders occur in some models only. This might mean that a particular part or a manufacturing technique has resulted in the sounds, and such noises might not be present in each phone. Also, engineers suggested that the sound users are hearing might be the “coil whine”, the sound produced by electrical components while operating.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported that based on social media reactions, the iPhone 7 hissing noises and sounds are not widespread. Moreover, iMore said there is nothing to worry about the noise because numerous devices produce noises during heavy processing activities. iMore is a known technology website.

As of writing, there are numerous discussions about the potential cause of the iPhone 7 hissing noises and sounds. The definite answer (or answers) has yet to be identified. In the time being, some refer to the noise as “hissgate”, which is a new variation on the “scandals” following iPhone releases. Apple has yet to make a public comment on this latest issue.