iOS 9.3 Public Beta Now Out – Know The Latest Specs:


The latest version of the iOS to be released from Apple is the iOS 9, and it has been around since September. The iOS apple_416x4169 came out for a large number of devices ranging from the 4S to the latest 6S Plus. The company has brought in many new features with it, and has been constantly updating the OS as well. The latest version of the iOS is the iOS 9.3, and the public beta for the same has just released. There are many features which are a part of this new update from Apple, and the iOS 9.3 public beta provides the users with the following features and updates:

  1. Night Shift

A new, ‘night shift’ mode has been introduced with the public beta of the iOS 9.3, as it now gives the users better reading conditions. Apple observed that a large number of users tend to use the devices during the dark hours, and the light from the screen has been straining their eyes. In order to fix this problem, the night shift mode, when activated, will ‘warm’ the screen and will remove the blue lighting it has to provide the users with a more soothing experience.

  1. Apple News

Apple News has received updates in the latest version of the iOS, the iOS 9.3. The news app was under criticism recently as Apple revealed they had ‘no idea’ about the features of the app. Apple News has now updated their layout as it offers the users with a new, landscape mode of reading the news as well as customized news based on user preferences.

  1. Apple Notes

The Notes application has witnessed an improvement in security.  Users can now put in a master-password, as well as provide additional security with the help of finger print verification. These features help keep the notes private and secured.