How was Jugurtha killed?

After a number of battles in Numidia between Roman and Numidian forces, Jugurtha was captured in 105 BC and paraded through Rome as part of Gaius Marius’ Roman triumph. He was thrown into the Tullianum prison, where he was executed by strangulation in 104 BC.

Who betrayed Jugurtha?

Marius was forced to the same solution as Metellus: negotiations and diplomacy. He had more luck than his predecessor, because the Mauritanian king Bocchus, Jugurtha’s father-in-law, was prepared to betray Jugurtha (105). Marius sent his quaestor Lucius Cornelius Sulla to the far west.

What region did Jugurtha rule?

Jugurtha (r. 118-105 BCE) was King of Numidia in North Africa and grandson of the first Numidian king Masinissa (r. c. 202-148 BCE). He was the illegitimate son of Mastanabal, Masinissa’s youngest son, and was the least likely of Masinissa’s grandsons to ever come to power.

What race were Numidians?

The Numidians were the Berber population of Numidia (present-day Algeria and in a smaller part of Tunisia). The Numidians were one of the earliest Berber tribes to trade with Carthaginian settlers.

How did Sulla capture Jugurtha?

C., Marius, who had served with distinction in Numidia, was elected and replaced Metellus. He also was successful in capturing Numidian towns and forts, but Jugurtha still eluded his capture….Key events during the life of jugurtha:

Year Event
109 BC Metellus is elected consul and sent to prosecute war with Jugurtha.

Did Sulla capture Jugurtha?

Jugurtha is captured in an ambush with the help of Sulla. Jugurtha was presented in triumph of Marius. Went insane and died in prison dungeon.

How did Jugurtha actions expose Roman senators as corrupt?

Jugurtha, king of Numidia, murdered rivals and bribed Roman officials to look the other way, sparking a war and exposing the republic’s corruption. Struggling to subdue the people of Spain in 134 B.C., Roman general Scipio Aemilianus realised he needed more troops.

Was Sulla a tyrant?

As dictator, Sulla was labelled a ‘tyrant’ by Plutarch and Appian, but this Greek term was also applied to Sulla by Latin writers such as Cicero and Sallust.

Why did Sulla spare Caesar?

The young Gaius Julius Caesar, as Cinna’s son-in-law, became one of Sulla’s targets, and fled the city. He was saved through the efforts of his relatives, many of whom were Sulla’s supporters, but Sulla noted in his memoirs that he regretted sparing Caesar’s life, because of the young man’s notorious ambition.