How to decorate a traditional mantel?

1 Tips for Creating a Visually Interesting Traditional Mantel Scape. Elegant Simplicity. There are many different approaches to mantel decorating. One 2 Style Your Mantel With Layered Artwork. 3 Natural Wood Accents and Pretty Greenery. 4 Stick to a Color Scheme When Decorating. 5 How to Style Your Mantel With Found Items.

How many pieces of art do you put on a mantel?

Two framed pieces of artwork in different heights were used to make the most of the smallish, wood mantel. Note how the different sizes make the set up more pleasing to the eye.

Is greenery on the mantel a good idea?

Greenery looks fabulous on the mantel all year long, not just during the winter holidays! Dried greens make for an excellent way to add color to your space and pair wonderfully with warm hues, like those we see in the artwork displayed here. Young agrees.

Can you put books on top of a mantel?

There’s no reason you can’t style the top of your mantel the way you would a shelf on one of your built-ins. Just add a stack or two of books, some colorful trinket dishes, and other favorite finds, and you’re good to go.

What do you put above a mantel in a farmhouse?

White shiplap, a modern farmhouse favorite, covers the space above the mantel. A graphic clock grabs all eyes. Two lanterns filled with shells give the mantel a welcomed coastal twist. Continue to 16 of 18 below. A collection of found objects establishes both the theme and color scheme for this mantel by the duo who pens Our Storied Home.

How do you decorate a mantel and firebox?

A collection of vases dress up both the mantel and firebox. Dried eucalyptus leaves add a pop of aromatic greenery. Take a good look at the black and white print. Its frame matches the gold accents featured on some of the vases. Continue to 8 of 18 below.