How thick should a home ice rink be?

3 inches thick
To hold the average adult, the ice on your rink needs to be at least 3 inches thick to avoid cracking.

Do backyard ice rinks ruin grass?

A – NO! Neither the PVC tubing nor the specially composed polyethylene liner will affect the grass. Grass is dormant during the winter so covering it in that period has no negative side effects. The only way to damage the grass would be to leave the plastic liner on the ground too long after the winter is over.

How many inches of ice do I need for a backyard rink?

Your kit comes with 1 Rink Stake 5 in 1 for every 12′ of board. A level site is considered level if it has no more than 3-5″ of water/ice at its maximum. A recent survey shows the average rink builder has 12″ of water depth.

Can you make an ice rink without a liner?

You do not need a plastic liner or tarp if you are making an old fashioned backyard ice rink (traditional). In order to make ice, you simply pack snow, flood the snow surface with water and allow it to freeze. You can make this traditional backyard ice rink with or without boards.

Where can I buy home ice rink kits?

Xtraice offers home ice rink kits. After having built the best leisure rinks, such as Disneyland Paris, and sport rinks, for top NHL teams, Xtraice goes beyond and provides home ice rinks as well. Do you want to install a skating rink in your yard? Or maybe you’re thinking about setting up a basement hockey rink?

Are there any homes with hockey rinks in California?

Your favorite NHL team gets stuck taking long road trips, but you can have home ice advantage all year long in one of these six properties available with hockey rinks. We found rinks on properties currently for sale across the country—including one in California.

Are your rinks easy to install?

Our rinks are easy to install in any location. Our rinks are multi-functional too. They are predominantly used for ice sports but can be used for basketball, boxing, soccer, and tennis, to name a few. Also, we can provide your rink with all the accessories you will need.

Should you buy an ice rink home for your power play?

Home ice advantage: While this home is walking distance to the beach, the indoor rink means that you can work on your power play year round. If you’re looking to have a Champagne shower after winning it all, the 1,100-bottle wine cellar could come in handy. Or, just have “Slap Shot” ready to screen in the 10-seat theater.