How tall is the transcendent C Tan?

9” tall
Standing just over a whopping 9” tall, the Necron Obelisk is an impressive centre-piece to any miniatures collection. It also comes with a flying stand, just in case it wasn’t big enough already.

What is a transcendent C Tan?

Description. Transcendent C’tan are all that remain of the once mighty star-gods. They are echoes of their former selves, splinters of energy that survived the Necrons’ betrayal and were trammelled in tesseract labyrinths.

Are the C Tan still alive?

Active C’tan. Those C’tan who are known to still exist include: Aza’gorod the Nightbringer – Aza’gorod the Nightbringer has impressed its image as that of the grim reaper itself on the psyche of the younger races, apart from the Orks (since they do not fear death).

How big is the Nightbringer model?

Nightbringer and the Deceiver are only on 40mm as well, where as the Void Dragon is on an 80mm base.

How powerful is a Ctan?

They could reshape entire worlds and devoured suns. One of the Shards powers is/was the ability to make the entire battlefield into difficult and dangerous terrain, and it’s implied that a full C’Tan could flex the surface of planets with ease.

What are tyranids running from?

They came to this galaxy in 40K because they were drifting through the intergalactic abyss and the Pharos beacon illuminated the Milky Way as a prime source of biomass. If they were running from anything it was most likely hunger after consuming the other galaxies they’d encountered since their origin.

Who Won the War in Heaven 40k?

the Necrons
The war was fought over sixty million Terran years before the 41st Millennium. With the power granted by the C’tan, the Necrons ultimately proved victorious over their hated Old One adversaries, relegating that ancient species to extinction or to flight from the Milky Way Galaxy.