How old is Shin from YTTD?


Birthdate Age
April 2 Early 20s (21-22)

Why did Shin cut his arms?

Since he was born unable to actually utilize his magic at will, Shin had to cut his hands and arms in a self-inflicted surgical procedure to find the smoke veins.

Are Noi and shin a couple?

With no regrets, Noi decided to relinquish her devilhood to save him, as Duston appeared to tell her the exam was over, and she lost her chance. Despite that, she and Duston are still really good friends today, and since that day, Shin and Noi became partners.

Is Noi a boy or girl Dorohedoro?

Noi is the tallest female character in the Dorohedoro series, towering over even her partner Shin at an astounding 209 cm.

Who is the oldest character in YTTD?

YTTD Character Ages

  • Gin Ibushi: 12.
  • Kanna Kizuchi: 14.
  • Joe Tazuna: 17.
  • Sara Chidouin: 17.
  • Nao Egokoro: 19.
  • Reko Yabusame: Early 20’s.
  • Sou Hiyori: Early 20’s.
  • Q-Taro Burgerberg: Mid 20’s.

What is the most popular ship in YTTD?


  • Naoreko.
  • Joesara.
  • Qkai.
  • Keishin.
  • Does Caiman get his head back?

    Nikaido then intervened, revealing herself as a magic user as she summoned a door, dragging Kaiman and his severed head through to escape. With Vaux’s aid, they managed to survive, Kaiman’s head growing back and the severed one placed in a jar of formalin despite his disgust.

    What is Nikaidos magic?

    Nikaido’s special power is called Time Magic, which basically enables her to create magic time machine boxes to completely rewrite history. She was able to save a friend from dying in a terrible accident, for example, and she also successfully got revenge on an evil wizard.

    Does caiman get his head back?

    Why is Nikaido a Devil?

    Knowing that her interference in the past killed her sister, Nikaido unsuccessfully tried over and over to rewrite the past. Drifting every person she knew away from each other until she was found in the streets by Kawajiri (Now an orphan raised in the Devil’s church almost turned into a full Devil).

    How did Caiman get a lizard head?

    He has made it explicitly clear that “Kaiman” was not his actual name, but was given to him by Nikaido after he began suffering from amnesia. His lizard head being the result of a Magic User’s curse, his main goal is to seek out the one who cursed him in order to change him back.