How often should you service your FOX forks?

Fox Suspension Service Fox recommends that the minimum suspension fork and shock service is 125 hours of use, yearly, or whichever comes first. That is certainly on the longer side of things.

Where does Fox Float Fluid go?

Float Fluid sits on top of the head of the air spring and helps to maintain the seal and prolong service life. Let the air out of the fork and remove the top cap and look inside the stanchion-you should see a bit of blue fluid sitting on top of the air spring. If you see no fluid, add the pillow pack.

How often do you rebuild FOX shocks?

A complete shock rebuild is recommended every 1,000 miles for off-road race applications. Split street/off-road–use vehicles every 10,000 miles, and street every 50,000 miles. A FOX complete shock rebuild service includes new seal kit, new proprietary JM92 Suspension Fluid, deburr and polishing of shock shafts.

Can you use SRAM butter on FOX forks?

Apply Slick Honey/Sram Butter To Dust Seals When the fork is right side up, a majority of the bath oil finds its way to the bottom of the fork lowers. Slick Honey or Sram Butter is a light grease specifically designed to lubricate the dust seals and stay in place.

What is FOX fork fluid?

Fox Suspension Fluid is 10wt or 20wt and fully synthetic. Green: Used as a bath oil in all Fox Shox forks. It is also the damper oil you will need for all open bath cartridges. Red: Used solely in the older ‘Open Bath’ forks. Gold: Is intended for ‘Fit Damper’ forks.

What can I use instead of float fluid?

Just have to be sure to use something that does not swell/attack the seals. It seems that Mobile 1 full synthetic engine oil is the is a popular choice for replacing the Float Fluid. Lubrication of this is superior.

What PSI should rear shocks be?

The exact PSI you end up with depends on how plush/firm you want the rear shock to be, but a good starting point is 1 psi for 1 lbs in weight of the rider (including riding gear).

Do you need Fox Float Fluid?

Fox Float Fluid is a big bottle of fresh performance for your Fox fork. It’s brewed to reduce seal friction, reduce wear on seals and is the essential oil for your next fork service. The 8oz’er is perfect to keep ready and waiting in the workshop and should last you for months.