How much of The Sapphires is true?

A new film, The Sapphires, is loosely based on their story. Its plot might seem improbable, but Tony Briggs, who wrote the screenplay, knows just how true it is: One of the original, real-life Sapphires is his mother, Laurel Robinson.

What happened to the original Sapphires?

The three original members – Laurel, Beverly and Naomi – now work at the Aboriginal Medical Service, in Sydney’s suburb of Redfern, where Naomi is chief executive.

Did the real sapphires go to Vietnam?

That success has stoked interest in the real-life Sapphires, only two of whom did what their on-screen counterparts are shown doing in the film. Lois Peeler and her sister Laurel Robinson went to Vietnam, but their two cousins, Beverley Briggs and Naomi Mayers, remained in Australia.

Where are the original sapphires from?

Shepparton Cummeragunja
The Sapphires started as a trio with Beverley Briggs, Laurel Robinson and Naomi Mayers in the Shepparton Cummeragunja area of Victoria in the 1950s. The singers grew popular by performing at entertainment venues, army barracks and universities around Melbourne.

Did Dave Lovelace marry The Sapphires?

At home, Gail reads Dave’s letter and realizes he wanted to propose to her, but it was her choice. The women band together and finish their tour. Dave survives and Gail is reunited with him in a Vietnam hospital. The Sapphires return to Australia and Gail and Dave announce to the family that they plan to marry.

What language does Kay speak in The Sapphires?

For the most part, the Vietnamese people and their plight remain in the background of the film. However, in an important scene in the film, a connection is made when Kay speaks Yorta-Yorta to ask the Vietnamese people who have stopped their car for permission to pass through their country.

What happened to Kay in The Sapphires?

So when Julie, the most talented and ambitious but perhaps the most naive of the sisters, suggests they all collaborate to audition to perform for the US troops in Vietnam, they all agree, they deciding to include their cousin Kay, who was part of the stolen generation that was taken away by the white authorities to …

Is Australia based on a true story?

The film is a character story, set between 1939 and 1942 against a dramatised backdrop of events across northern Australia at the time, such as the bombing of Darwin during World War II. Production took place in Sydney, Darwin, Kununurra and Bowen.

How much money did The Sapphires make?

20.42 million USDThe Sapphires / Box office

When was The Sapphires made?

March 22, 2013 (USA)The Sapphires / Release date

Why does Gail Call Kay a coconut?

Gail calling Kay a coconut offends Kay as Gail is making the assumptions of Kay being black only on the outside but white on the inside.