How much is rent in Dublin?

Taking a typical two-bedroom house, the standardised average rent in Dublin stood at €1,684 per month in Q4 2020. This is nearly twice the level for a two-bedroom house outside Dublin, for which the most recent standardised average rent was €878 per month. Year-on-year apartment rents grew by 6.5% outside Dublin.

Is rent expensive in Dublin?

Dublin is the sixth-most expensive capital city in the world to rent in, according to a new report. A study by UK-based insurance group CIA Landlord studied the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment across 38 global capital cities and observed that Dublin “isn’t a great destination for cheap renting”.

Is it hard to rent in Dublin?

Finding long-term accommodation in Dublin can be difficult, as there is usually plenty of demand, especially for areas close to the city centre. To stand out from the crowd, it’s a good idea to be organised, know what you want and ready to react if you find the right place.

How do I find rental properties in Ireland?

Renting in Ireland You can find rentals by searching online, or through visiting a letting agent. Popular websites such as, and allow you to search by area or transit route and list all different types of accommodation.

What salary do I need to live in Dublin?

expect to pay 1500 per month to rent a place for your family, which will deplete more than 50% of your net wages. We are family of 4, couple and 2 young kids. Being a single earning person in family, is 65k good enough for living and savings in Dublin.

Is Dublin expensive to live?

Summary about cost of living in Dublin, Ireland: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,466$ (3,250€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 982$ (921€) without rent. Dublin is 26.90% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Dublin cheaper than London?

Cost of living in Dublin (Ireland) is 15% cheaper than in London (United Kingdom)

Why is rent so expensive in Ireland?

The reason for the consistent increase in rental prices in recent years, according to the author of the report, Ronan Lyons, is that demand far outstrips supply. There are, for example, just 3,200 units available to rent nationwide, down 4.5% on last year.

How hard is it to find an apartment in Dublin?

We found it almost impossible at times to even secure viewings, due to the demand for rental properties in Dublin. is really the only site you can use when looking for a rental property, and because of the high demand, landlords can receive a barrage of emails in a matter of minutes.

How much rent can I afford Ireland?

To afford any average house in Ireland, a household needs to earn €45,000, he says that this “leaves them with roughly €3,000 a month in their after–tax disposable income. This means a household earning €45,000 should not be spending more than €1,000 a month on its rent.”

Is Dublin worth living?

Overall, Dublin ranked 72nd out of cities surveyed, with quality of urban living, ease of settling in, finance and housing and urban work life all taken into account.

What is the average rent in Dublin Ireland?

The standardised average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the Greater Dublin Area was €1,278 in Q1 2021 while the equivalent apartment outside the GDA carried an average rent of approximately €962 per month.

What are the best hotels in Dublin Ireland?

Ireland’s capital city has something for everyone.

  • Portobello – a vibrant Dublin quarter with a fascinating history.
  • Merrion Square – Dublin’s Georgian quarter.
  • The Docklands – a modern spot by the water.
  • Grafton Street,Trinity College,and Temple Bar – a lively area.
  • North of the river – home to some of the best hotels and areas to stay in Dublin.
  • What hotels are in Dublin Ireland?

    The business said it was anticipating strong growth as global travel restrictions eased, and was also opening nine new hotels this year including Hampton by Hilton Bath City, Hilton Garden Inn Silverstone and Lost Property St. Paul’s London. There will also be new premises in Dublin, Sheffield, Peterborough, London and Warwick.

    How to find an apartment in Dublin?

    This site allows you to check for property in a particular ‘zone’ of Dublin, such as Dublin 6. Other websites include and . Most schools also have a noticeboard and students regularly advertise rooms to rent.