How much is it to park at Oakland Airport?

All it takes is one stay with Park ‘N Fly and you’ll know why we are the best choice for airport parking in Oakland….PICK UP:

OAK Parking Rates Rate Type
$12.95 Self-park uncovered – standard daily – online rate
$15.50 Self-park uncovered – standard daily – drive-up rate

Is it safe to park at Oakland Airport?

Fences, automated gates, and guards provide adequate protection to parking lots near Oakland Airport to keep thieves out. Surveillance cameras are an effective deterrent, especially with today’s high-definition cameras. Regular patrolling of the parking lots alert criminals that someone is still on the lookout.

Is Way com reliable?

Yes, it is. has been in the business of providing affordable parking spots across the US for quite a few years now. You only need to have a look at our 4.5 rating on Trustpilot to see the long list of happy customers and positive reviews.

How much is long term parking per day at Oakland Airport?

There are four options for long-term parking at Oakland Airport: the Premier, Hourly, Daily, and Economy parking lots. Premier parking is located right next to the terminals but is the most expensive….Long-Term OAK Parking.

Off-Site Long-Term W/ Shuttle Rate
Per Day $24
Economy Parking Rate
Per Day $18

Where do you pay for parking at Oakland Airport?

On-Airport OAK Parking The closest lot to the terminals is the Premier Lot; it is also the most expensive lot. It costs $4 to park at the lot for 30 minutes. If you’re staying for longer, it costs $38 for every 24-hour period. Hourly parking is a little cheaper at $34 for every 24-hour period.

Is Way parking trustworthy?

Overview. Way has a consumer rating of 3.92 stars from 721 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Way most frequently mention great service, car park and friendly staff.

Has anyone used way com for parking?

I will always use this place! Very efficient, quick, and friendly! Loved how the shuttle picked me up and dropped me off right to my car. Shuttle was at my car as soon as I parked and was at the airport to pick me up as soon as I returned from my trip.

Is this the Expresso parking you used to use?

This is NOT the Expresso Parking you used to use, they sold their name to AirPark. This lot is all open-air and is shared with 18-wheelers!! As soon as we parked we were almost run over by 10 trucks barreling through the parking lot.

Does Expresso have parking at Oakland Airport?

Expresso’s parking near Oakland Airport is all about convenience and value – we have the least expensive daily and long-term Oakland Airport parking you’ll find anywhere. Be sure to check the status of your flight on Expresso’s new real-time flight schedule screen.

Why choose Expresso for your next trip?

Green Technology: Expresso is proud to be a Green Parking Council Demonstrator site. Our clean, green, natural gas shuttles are a part of our commitment to helping preserve the environment. Guaranteed Parking Space: Be sure that your vehicle is properly accommodated when you travel. Expresso offers self-park outdoors for all travelers.