How much is a Namatjira painting worth?

Albert Namatjira’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $12 USD to $91,719 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork.

Are Albert Namatjira prints worth anything?

Three other works by Albert Namatjira were sold at the auction, with one fetching just over $21,000. In April, a painting unearthed in a French attic was valued at 120 million euros after being attributed to Italian artist Caravaggio.

What is Albert Namatjira most expensive painting?

ALBERT Namatjira’s largest painting set a new world record for the artist at auction in Sydney. Fink River Mission and Mount Hermannsburg (1951) sold under the hammer for $122,000 including the buyer’s premium. The presale estimate was $80,000 – $100,000.

Is Albert Namatjira Aboriginal?

In 1957, Namatjira became the first Aboriginal person to be granted conditional Australian citizenship. This entitled him to limited social freedoms and to live in Mparntwe, although he was prohibited from purchasing land.

Who is Albert Namatjira family?

Emilie Ljukuta
Rubina NamatjiraJonathan Namatjira
Albert Namatjira/Family

When was ghost gum Glen Helen painted?

His paintings often depict color-contrasted landscapes: purple rolling mountains in the background and bright white trees in the foreground, such as Ghost Gum, Glen Helen (1949) and Alice Springs Country (1955).

Is Albert Namatjira still alive?

August 8, 1959Albert Namatjira / Date of death

Where is Albert Namatjira from?

Hermannsburg, AustraliaAlbert Namatjira / Place of birth

How many kids does Albert Namatjira have?

He left the mission again at the age of 18 and married Ilkalita, a Kukatja woman. Eight of their children were to survive infancy: five sons—Enos, Oscar, Ewald, Keith and Maurice—and three daughters—Maisie, Hazel and Martha.

Who is Australia’s best known Aboriginal artist?

Albert Namatjira
Albert Namatjira is one of Australia’s great artists, and perhaps the best known Aboriginal painter. His western style landscapes – different to traditional Aboriginal art, made him famous. Fame led to Albert and his wife becoming the first Aborigines to be granted Australian citizenship.

What should I look for when buying Aboriginal art?

A Guide to Buying Aboriginal Art

  • Always invest confidently in art, because an artwork will never be bankrupt.
  • Value is found not only in the artist, but in the quality of a given work. Always buy the best you can afford.
  • If you love it, buy it. If you chose well, one day you may be able to sell it for a profit.