How much is a 71 Dodge Demon worth?

The 1971 Dodge Dart Demon Costs $78,000 Today Accounting for inflation, a brand new Dodge Dart Demon straight from Dodge would sell for about $16,240 today. The price of the Dodge Dart Demon 340 then slightly increased to $2,759 in 1972.

How much is an old Dodge Demon?

A: The lowest recorded sale price was $3,850 for a 1972 Dodge Demon on March 11 2020. Q: What is the average sale price of a Dodge Dart Demon? A: The average price of a Dodge Dart Demon is $35,729.

How many 1971 Dodge Demons were made?

10,098 Demon 340s
For 1971, just under 70,000 Demons plus 10,098 Demon 340s were built. In 1972, the 340 model’s price increased slightly to $2,759. Sales dropped sharply to less than 40,000 Demons, but just over 10,200 Demon 340s were built.

How fast is a 71 Dodge Demon?

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 181 km/h / 112 mph

What years did they build Dodge Demon?

The Dodge Demon has long been a powerful vehicle, one often sought after by those who want as much power and performance as is street legal (or even more). The vehicle was produced initially from 1971 to 1972. This was an exceptional vehicle, though it was simply a more powerful Dodge Dart.

How many Dodge demons are there?

Only 3,000 cars will be built for the US and 300 for Canada, which makes the muscle car a hot commodity especially condition the Dodge Challenger Demon price.

Can I still buy a Dodge Demon?

For a car limited to 3000 units, that ceased production in June of 2018, that’s quite a few to keep around. Many dealers only got the chance to sell a single Demon; most typical Dodge dealers never sold one at all. Amassing this many brand-new, never-registered Demons shows dedication.

How many 72 dodge demons were made?

39,880 Demons were built in 1972, 8,700 were 340 cars.

What engine came in a 1971 Dodge Demon?

The Dodge Demon was available with a 340-cubic inch four-barrel engine, which produced 275 horsepower. The Demon was also available with a 230-horsepower 318-cubic inch V8 engine and it came with Hydraulic Tappets to reduce the valve-train noise and do away with periodic tappet adjustments.

How fast was a 1971 Dodge Demon?