How much HP does a Honda Legend have?

Engine manufacturer: Honda J35A-series
Horsepower net: 217 kW / 295 PS / 291 hp (ECE)
/ 6200
Torque net: 351 Nm / 259 ft-lb
/ 5000

Are Acura Legends good cars?

Although most Acura Legends on the road now have high mileage, its reputation for consistently strong reliability makes well-maintained examples an excellent choice. The original, slightly smaller Acura Legend was produced from 1986-’90 and available in coupe and sedan body styles.

Is an Acura Legend a good car?

Is the Honda Legend RWD?

It is larger than the Honda Accord….

Honda Legend
Class Executive car
Body style 4-door saloon 2-door coupé (1985–1995)
Layout Transverse Front-engine, front-wheel drive (KA1–6) Longitudinal front-engine, front-wheel drive (KA7–9) Longitudinal front-engine, All-wheel drive (SH-AWD; KB & KC)

How much is a 1994 Acura Legend worth?

$264 to $1,383
The value of a used 1994 Acura Legend ranges from $264 to $1,383, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Why did they stop making Acura Legend?

The Acura Legend became a legend Unfortunately, it was eventually discontinued in 1995 due to slower sales and later replaced by the Acura RL. However, the Honda and Acura models produced since then, and even up to today, have a lot to be thankful for as the Legend paved the way to success for all of them.

Is a Honda Legend a good car?

The Legend should be one of the safest cars in its class, as it has a wide range of safety devices. As well as the typical features such as six airbags, ABS and brakeforce distribution, and the addition of items like the collision mitigation system and the pop-up bonnet give it a significant advantage.