How much does it cost to get a FFL license in Tennessee?

FFL Cost in Tennessee An FFL in Tennessee costs an average of $30-$200 for the first 3 years. Before you decide on the name of your new gun store, you will need to fill out an FFL application with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF, BATF).

How hard is it to get an FFL in TN?

Tennessee makes it very easy to get an FFL, because there are no state specific firearms licenses. While some states require a redundant sort of “state issued FFL” Tennessee only requires you to get regular business licenses.

Can a FFL have 2 locations?

No. A separate federal firearms license must be obtained for each location. However, separate facilities solely to store firearms are not required to be covered by a separate license, although the records maintained at the licensed premises must reflect all firearms held in the separate storage facility.

Can you make money as an FFL?

Since all online sales other than antiques require an FFL to do a background check, those required transfers are a lucrative way to make money with an FFL. Otherwise, the same basic rules for inventory apply. New guns have lower margins than used guns, and accessories and ammo can be a good source of profit.

What is a Type 2 FFL?

A Type 2 FFL allows the dealer to be a pawnbroker of firearms. As a Pawnbroker a Type 2 FFL can hold a firearm as security for a loan. They’ll often have specific requirements and allowances when returning a pawned gun to the original owner.

Can you have multiple types of FFLS?

There are nine different kinds of FFL’s out there, but for the vast majority of people interested in getting an FFL, only three really apply. The Type 01 FFL is the basic FFL that let’s you buy, sell and repair most guns.

Is having an FFL worth it?

You’ll need an FFL if you are serious about it. You can’t just take possession of someone else’s gun and work on it, or build and sell guns for profit without having an FFL. Speaking of profit, it doesn’t have to be a full-time job to make some money. Having an FFL is also an amazing way to have a fun side hustle.

Can FFL buy suppressors?

Who Can Buy a Suppressor? Suppressors can be obtained by individuals with or without a Federal Firearms License (FFL), LLCs, and trusts.

What is a SOT FFL?

An SOT, or Special Occupational Taxpayer, is an FFL who pays an additional tax for the privilege of manufacturing or importing various classes of NFA devices.