How much does a step up transformer cost?

Step Up and Step Down Voltage Transformers

SIZE (Maximum Watts) “Type A” Step Down Transformers 220/240 to 110/120
5000 watts Sale Price: $99.95 each Specifications and Ordering Information
8000 watts Not made in this size/style.
10000 watts Sale Price: $199.99 each Specifications and Ordering Information

How much does a 300 kva transformer cost?


Reconditioned Price: $4,950.00
Stock No.: 11-4917
Phase: 3
KVA: 300
Primary Voltage: 480

What is the cost of 100 kva transformer?

The avg. market price of Transformer 100kva in India is Rs 50,000/ Piece.

What is cost of 16 kva transformer?

Surya 16 KVA Three Phase Electrical Distribution Transformer, Rs 35000 | ID: 20462327230.

Where are step up transformer used?

Step Up transformers are used in electronic equipment like inverters, batteries & stabilizers to balance the low voltage to the higher voltage in the Transformers. They are also used in electrical power transmission.

Does a step up transformer increase current?

Although the voltage increases in a step-up transformer, the current is reduced proportionately.

How big is a 300 kva transformer?


Height 49.50 in (1257.30 mm)
Width 41 in (1041.40 mm)
Depth 32 in (812.80 mm)
Net Weight 1359.00 lb(US) (616.432 kg)

How many amps is a 30kva transformer?

Three Phase Transformer

KVA 208V 480V
25 69.5 30.1
30 83.4 36.1
37.5 104 45.2
45 125 54.2

Which transformer is used in homes?

In distribution networks, the step-down transformer is commonly used to convert the high grid voltage to low voltage that can be used for home appliances.