How much does a NHBRC certificate cost?

Initial application fee is R745. 61 which is not refundable (once-off). An annual membership fee of R526. 32 is due every year.

How long is NHBRC registration?

5 years
What is a NHBRC Certificate and how long is it valid for? A NHBRC Certificate proves that a home is enrolled with the NHBRC. It is valid for 5 years after the date of occupation or the date that the homeowner contractually accepts the unit as a finished home.

How do I get my NHBRC certificate?

The NHBRC Registration Test: NHBRC requires you to pass a test before granting your NHBRC Registration Number. A representative of your Company (your Technical Manager) will need to do this test. It is an open book test and we will support you by renting you the study material and give you test guidelines.

How do I enroll in NHBRC?

  1. Download and fill the enrolment forms.
  2. proof of notifications sent to the home builder within the necessary time period.
  3. Submit to your nearest Provincal Customer Care Office.

How long is Nhbc certificate valid for?

10 years
If you are the first owner of the home, Buildmark gives you protection from exchange of contracts, until the end of the policy, which is typically 10 years from the start date shown on the insurance certificate.

Who must register with NHBRC?

When does a person need to register with the NHBRC?

  • Home builder. In terms of section 10 of the Act, any person or organisation that constructs “homes” must register with the NHBRC.
  • Property developers.
  • Owner builders.
  • Property owners / Sellers.
  • Rental landlords.
  • Converting non-residential property into residential homes.

How long does it take to get a Nhbc certificate?

You should receive your NHBC insurance certificate and Buildmark policy booklet from your conveyancer before you move in. If you don’t receive them within 4 weeks of moving into your new home, please contact your conveyancer.

How many questions are in an NHBRC exam?

The Nhbrc Test is an open book computer assessment test that consists of 25 multiple choice questions.

How long does it take to get NHBC certificate?

Who owns NHBC?

NHBC is a private company limited by guarantee, and its governing body comprises individual members, known collectively as the NHBC Council. Council members are drawn from a range of organisations that are interested in, or associated with, the house-building industry.

Can I build without NHBRC?

All Home Builders must be registered with the NHBRC and all new homes must be enrolled, at least 15 days prior to construction. Enrolment is not only required by South African law but also allows the NHBRC to conduct quality inspections on all new homes during various stages of construction. 1.3.