How much does a Cohiba Behike Cigar cost?

Cohiba Behike Cigar – The Limited Edition Smoke that costs $420.

Does Cohiba still make Behike?

The Cuban cigar industry will continue to make batches of it every year in the stately El Laguito factory. Cohiba Behike BHK cigars are made with a portion of filler tobacco known as medio tiempo, a type of sun-grown tobacco leaf that grows at the top of some, but not all tobacco plants.

Can you buy Behike in Cuba?

Why You Can’t Find Many Top Cuban Brands. Right now, many of the top sellers—such as the Partagás Serie D or the Cohiba Behike—aren’t available in any great quantity. In addition, many of Havana’s new releases for 2022 have yet to be seen on dealer’s humidor shelves.

Which Cohiba Behike is best?

The renowned magazine Cigar Aficionado selected COHIBA BHK 52 as the best cigar of the year among 25 listed.

How good is Cohiba Behike?

The Behike BHK 52 is a petit robusto, a size known as a Laguito No. 4 in Cuban cigar factories, and it wowed our tasting panel from the get-go. In a vertical brand tasting in the June 8 Cigar Insider the BHK 52 scored 94 points, the best of a trio that includes the BHK 54 and the very fat BHK 56.

What does Behike mean?

What does Behike mean? Well, cast your minds back to the Taino Indian’s ritual at which they lit up their Cohibas. The person conducting that ceremony was called the Behike, so it means anything from a priest to a medicine man.

Why is the Behike so expensive?

Because it is not every plant that produces those leaves, the production of Cohiba Behikes is very limited and it’s availability is based on how skillful and dedicated the farmers are. The state of the climate while it is being grown, is also a high determining factor.

How rare is the Cohiba Behike?

Only 4,000 Cohiba Behikes were released then, at a price of $400 or more per cigar. Those cigars wore the old Cohiba Behike band, with a secondary band reading Behike. It’s unlikely, however, that you will run into one in the wild.

How can you tell fake Behike?

Here are the elements of the Cohiba Behike BHK band that you should look for to decide if it’s authentic or not:

  1. 1) Holographic Taino Indian Head.
  2. 2) Holographic Elements.
  3. 3) Nine White Squares.
  4. 4) Repeating Logos, Checkerboard Pattern.
  5. 5) Embossed Lettering.
  6. Cigar Aficionado. c/o Counterfeit Cigars. 825 8th Avenue, 33rd Floor.

What is the highest price cigar?

For your general information, here is the list of the most expensive cigars in the world in 2022.

  • #5 Gurkha Black Dragon – $115,000 per box.
  • #4 Gran Habano #5 El Gigante – $185,000.
  • #3 Double Corona Regius Cigars Ltd – $54,000 for 1 cigar.
  • #2 Mayan Sicars – $507,000.
  • #1 Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar – $1 million.

How can you tell if a Cohiba Behike is real?

Front and center on the band is a holographic image of the famous Taino Indian head. Look closer and you will see that there, in fact, there is a smaller head within the larger. This “head-within-head” effect is a telling sign that the band is authentic.

Why are Cohiba Behike so expensive?