How much does a 400 watt metal halide ballast weigh?

13 lbs.
Product Attributes

Start Temp. (Min) -22 Deg. F
Height 4.25 in.
Width 4 in.
Weight 13 lbs.
Warranty 2 Years

How many amps does a 400 watt metal halide draw?

Universal P400ML5AC4M500K – 400W Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast

ANSI Code M135
Amperage Rating 3.9 Amp at 120 Volt, 2.25 Amp at 208 Volt, 1.95 Amp at 240 Volt, 1.7 Amp at 277 Volt, 0.95 Amp at 480 Volt
Application HID
Ballast Factor 1
Capacitor Type 24 mF At 400 Volt 100 deg C

How long does a metal halide ballast last?

approximately 20,000 hours
In the case of Metal Halide, most manufacturers rate these HID light bulbs with a life of approximately 20,000 hours.

What is a halide ballast?

Metal halide (MH) ballasts are required to start the lamp, regulate the lamp starting and lamp operating currents, and provide appropriate sustaining supply voltage.

How many amps does a 400 watt LED light use?

LED lights use less power than incandescent bulbs, but they are just as bright. They are also far more efficient. A 10W LED light can deliver the same brightness as a 60W incandescent bulb….How Many Amps Does A LED Light Use?

Led Light Amps
150W 1.25A
200W 1.66A
250W 2.08A
400W 3.33A

What causes a metal halide to go off?

Metal Halide Lamps Normal end-of-life is caused by sodium loss from the arc tube. The lamp may be hard to start. Color may be blue or pink, depending on operating position. Light output will be low.

How does a MH ballast work?

To put it simply, metal halide technology works by passing an electrical arc through a mix of gasses, creating light. The bulb contains two primary parts: the inner arc tube and the outer bulb. When the lamp is inactive, the mercury and metal halide salts are condensed inside the inner arc tube.