How much do Kilmarnock players get paid?

Kilmarnock FC Player Wages

Name Age Wages in £/Week
Kirk Broadfoot 36 850
Zeno Ibsen Rossi 20 300
Calum Waters 24 800
Brandon Haunstrup 24 1,250

Who owns Kilmarnock FC?

Billy Bowie

Billy Bowie
Other names Billy Bowie
Occupation Businessman
Years active 1997–present
Known for Owner and majority shareholder of Kilmarnock F.C. Managing director of Billy Bowie Tankers

What are Kilmarnock fans called?

Kilmarnock F.C.

Full name Kilmarnock Football Club
Nickname(s) Killie
Founded 5 January 1869
Ground Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Capacity 17,889

Who is the chairman of Kilmarnock Football Club?

Billy BowieKilmarnock F.C. / Chairperson

How much does the Scotland manager get paid?

Clarke’s deal, worth about £500,000 a year plus qualifying incentives, ends after next year’s World Cup finals. Scotland’s progress under Clarke, appointed in May 2019, means the 57-year-old has been linked with a return to club football after the Euros.

How much is Kilmarnock FC worth?

KILMARNOCK – £10.9 million Killie fans have made their displeasure with the Rugby Park board known in recent years and a poor start to the season has not helped the mood in Ayrshire.

What is the oldest professional football club in Scotland?

Queen’s Park
KILMARNOCK FC (1869), PREMIERSHIP Two years after Queen’s Park was created, Killie was born as Scotland’s oldest professional football club.

How much does Steve Clarke earn?

Steven Clarke signed a 2 year, $990,000 contract with the Tennessee Titans, including an average annual salary of $495,000.

How much do SPL referees make?

Scottish referees are not fully professional, and instead are paid on a match fee basis, currently set at £800 and equating to a maximum expected income of £10,000 a year according to ex-referee Stuart Dougal.