How much did the average CEO make in 2016?

$15.6 million
Using the stock-options-realized measure, the average CEO compensation for CEOs in the 350 largest U.S. firms was $15.6 million in 2016. Compensation in 2016 (data available through May) is down 4.3 percent (from $16.3 million) since 2015 but up 45.6 percent (from $10.7 million) since the recovery began in 2009.

How Much Has CEO Pay Increased?

In 2020, what CEOs took home rose nearly 16%, according to preliminary data, while the average worker’s compensation rose just 1.8%. Those figures come from a preliminary report from the Economic Policy Institute, which each year reports on CEO compensation trends based on data from the 350 largest firms.

What is an acceptable CEO pay ratio?

The average CEO-to-worker pay ratio for the 168 companies included in this report stands at about about 70-to-1, with some CEOs making more than 300 times the median salary of their employees – just in cash (base pay, bonuses, profit sharing, etc.).

Who is the most overpaid CEO?

Chad Richison
10 Most Overpaid

Rank Company / Ticker CEO
1 Paycom Software / PAYC Chad Richison
2 Norwegian Cruise Line / NCLH Frank Del Rio
3 General Electric / GE H. Lawrence Culp Jr.
4 T-Mobile / TMUS G. Michael Sievert

Are CEOs paid too much especially relative to the pay of average workers?

In 2020, the ratio of CEO-to-typical-worker compensation was 351-to-1 under the realized measure of CEO pay; that is up from 307-to-1 in 2019 and a big increase from 21-to-1 in 1965 and 61-to-1 in 1989.

What was the average CEO pay in 1965?

CEO compensation and CEO-to-worker compensation ratio, 1965–2011 (2011 dollars)

CEO annual compensation (thousands)* Stock market indices (infla-tion-adjusted)
Options realized Dow Jones
1965 $791 5,278
1973 1,033 3,881
1978 1,413 2,411

When did CEOs start getting paid so much?

Realized CEO compensation grew strongly throughout the 1980s but exploded in the 1990s. It peaked at the end of the stock market bubble, in 2000, at about $22.2 million, a 261% increase over just five years earlier in 1995 and a 1,204% increase over 1978.

How did CEO pay get so high?

“Stock-related compensation comprises around 85% of CEO compensation.” Stock-related compensation is a key reason why CEOs earn so much more than even high earners. “It used to be that in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, CEOs made 3.3 times what a top 0.1% earner made.

What is a fair salary for a CEO?

Analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington DC-based think tank, showed chief executives of the 350 largest US companies earned an average $21.3m (£16.9m) in 2019. This puts the CEO-to-worker pay ratio at 320 to 1 – more than five times the level in 1989.

Why CEO pay is justified?

High CEO pay is justified in that it aligns CEO interest with company performance and thus shareholder incentives, is freely agreed upon and serves to adequately compensate for job demands and foregone opportunities.

Who is the highest-paid CEO in 2021?

Top Male CEOs:

  • Peter Kern. Expedia Group. $296.2 million. Change from last year: 6,592%
  • David Zaslav. Warner Bros. Discovery. $246.6 million.
  • William McDermott. ServiceNow. $165.8 million. Change from last year: 560%
  • Tim Cook. Apple. $98.7 million. Change from last year: 569%
  • Jamie Dimon.

What are the top 10 CEO salaries?

Here’s a look at the list’s ranking of the 10 most overpaid CEOs in America.

  • 1) Chad Richison, Paycom Software. Salary: $211,131,206.
  • 3) Lawrence Culp Jr., General Electric. Salary: $73,192,032.
  • 5) John Donahoe, Nike. Salary: $53,499,980.
  • 7) John Plant, Howmet Aerospace.
  • 9) Brian Niccol, Chipotle Mexican Grill.