How much damage does freeze spell do?


Damage 115
Tower damage 35
Spell radius 3

Does Freeze spell work on Town Hall?

The Freeze Spell is the 5th Elixir Spell unlocked at level 4 Spell Factory alongside the Jump Spell, that requires the Town Hall to be at level 9. The Freeze Spell is used to temporarily disable defenses and/or ground and air troops from the enemy Clan Castle within a small radius.

Is Freeze spell worth upgrading?

Since Freeze’s duration is identical at all levels, and its damage is extremely low, upgrading it is generally wasteful if the player wishes to only paralyze enemy troops and buildings, At equal levels, a Freeze spell can only one-shot Bats or Skeletons, and a Level 11 Freeze Spell can one-shot Level 14 Bats and …

What is the max level freeze spell for Town Hall 10?

Max levels of Elixir Spells in TH10

Elixir Spell Max Level
Lightning Spell 7
Healing Spell 7
Rage Spell 5
Freeze Spell 5

How many tiles does freeze spell cover?

3.5 tiles
Freeze Spell Explained The Freeze Spell disables all enemy defenses and troops within a 3.5 tiles radius. While the spell is in effect, enemy troops (ground and air units) will not move and defenses will not fire a single shot.

How much damage does max level zap do?


Damage 192
Tower damage 58
Spell radius 2.5

Does Freeze spell work on Eagle artillery?

Use Freeze Spells to stop the Eagle Artillery from shooting your units. You should freeze it when it is about to shoot, not during its 10-second intervals, nor after the missiles are already in the sky.

Can you freeze heroes in COC?

Once it locks on an important troop or Hero, the only way to make it stop is with a Freeze Spell. It will not only freeze the Inferno for a few seconds, but it will also reset its target and reset it to its initial state.

Are Clash Royale bats good?

Bats are tied with Skeletons as the most frail and least damaging troops in Clash Royale, with only 108 hitpoints and damage per hit at level 14, and 32 hitpoints and damage per hit at level 1. Guards also have the same hitpoints, however, they come with a shield.

Should I level up freeze?

The recent changes to freeze spell have killed the card. Lvl 10 freeze can kill max bats and skeletons, the damage it deals otherwise is so little that it’s irrelevant to upgrade it. It’s duration which is merely 4 seconds also does not increase anymore with an upgrade.

Can bat spell trigger clan castle?

Like Skeletons, Bats do not trigger traps or Clan Castle troops. Bats prioritize defensive structures above all other targets, and will bypass all other types of enemy buildings and troops while any defenses remain on the battlefield.