How much are tickets to the Green Monster?

Boston Red Sox tickets start at $35 and can range up to $1,559 for a grandstand outfield box. You can even purchase tickets to sit or stand in the Green Monster for about $175 per ticket.

What are the Green Monster seats at Fenway?

The Monster Seats at Fenway Park are the famous seats located high above the Green Monster in left field. For your best chance at a home run, choose seats in M2-M6. Even if you don’t catch a ball, you’ll get a great look at fly balls and balls played off the 37-foot high wall.

How much are Red Sox Monster seats?

Tickets for monster seats will cost you $500, the cheapest seat is $95, and they are only being sold online.

How much are box seats at Fenway?

The price of Fenway Park suites vary based on matchup and location in the stadium. Private suites are available for all home games and events with pricing starting at $3,500 and may cost as much as $18,000….How much do suites at Fenway Park cost?

Low Range Location High Range
$7,000 Dell Technology Suites $18,000

Where is the best place to sit at Fenway?

Where to sit. If money is no object, then Field Boxes 21 through 76 are your best bets for fantastic seats at Fenway. Just behind these are Loge Box Sections 108 through 152—also a great bet, and a tad less expensive.

What are Green Monster seats?

Green Monster seats at Fenway Park stand alone as the most unique seats in the majors! This package puts you atop the most talked about target in baseball, high above left field and a well-known hot spot for right-handed hitters.

How many Green Monster seats are there?

When Red Sox ownership wised up to the allure of the Monster and installed 269 seats atop the Green Monster in 2003, the ladder ceased any useful function. But it remains there today, still a threat to provide a powerful ricochet. On each step along Fenway’s evolution, the Green Monster paced in stride.

How do you buy a seat on the Green Monster?

The Greenville Drive are excited to announce that Green Monster seats are now available for purchase online at! Fans can purchase Green Monster seats for each individual game online as they would for any other seats at Fluor Field.