How many links are there in Zelda?

The Hero of Hyrule has appeared in numerous forms since he debuted in 1985, with 13 different iterations of Link appearing throughout his adventures across Hyrule, Koholint Island, and Termina.

Who was the best Link?

Here’s the ranking of all the Links, from worst to best.

  1. 1 Hero Of Legend (A Link to the Past / Oracle Of Ages & Seasons / Link’s Awakening)
  2. 2 Hero Of Time / Adult Link (Ocarina Of Time)
  3. 3 Hero Of Winds (Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass)
  4. 4 Young Link (Ocarina Of Time, Majora’s Mask)
  5. 5 Hero Of The Skies (Skyward Sword)

Which is the most powerful Link?

Dark Link
1 STRONGEST: Dark Link Dark Link is, by definition, still a version of Link. He is also canonically extremely powerful (even if he isn’t that great of a bounty hunter). He is made of shadow magic but has all of the same powers and strength as Link himself.

Which Link is the legendary hero?

SHAAAAAAK! Link is the main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise. He is the legendary hero of Hyrule who is chosen to protect the land from evil, as well as the protector of Zelda.

Who would win Mario or Link?

Mario would win a battle against Link, even if it is by a close margin. While Link has many skills that are going to be useful in the fight, Mario’s many power-ups and his ability to literally possess Link are going to be key in his victory.

What is Link’s hair color?

According to the instruction manual for A Link to the Past, it appears that Link’s hair is canonically light brown, or dark blond. At some point between then and Ocarina of Time, Nintendo decided to make his hair more brightly blond.

Are all links from Legend of Zelda the same person?

Yes, he did — or to be clear, ‘they’ did. Not all Links from The Legend of Zelda series are the same person. Some are from different times, and some are from parallel worlds. Today, we’ll get things organized. Before introducing the various Links from each game, you should know who Link basically is.

Does link ever fall in love with Zelda?

One of the biggest misconceptions you can make as a fan is assuming that Link and Zelda are always romantically involved. In actuality, they almost never end up together or strike up a romantic relationship. Most of the time, Link and Zelda maintain a strictly platonic relationship with even a few instances of them simply having a professional one.

Are link and Zelda the same people?

Zelda is a name we are familiar with, the game in reference is usually boiled down to that name, and Link is usually the only character ever shown in marketing for the game. It is no surprise to me that people in general, and even some who have played the game would confuse Link for Zelda without any more information. Cheers!

Do link and Zelda have a relationship?

Most of the time, Link and Zelda maintain a strictly platonic relationship with even a few instances of them simply having a professional one. The few times Link and Zelda actually wind up together are exceptions to the rule. They’re friends first and lovers second.